Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Photos 2017

I like to get family photos taken at least once a year. It's easy for me to bring along my camera or for John to snap a photo of Jack and me, but it is much harder to get a photo with the three of us in it together.

Getting Christmas photos taken this year made perfect sense not only to capture our sweet family of three, but because the timing coincided perfectly with Jack's first birthday (and with the rate at which babies change, you can't have too many photos!), me being pregnant, and our move to Minnesota (hello, fall photos!).

Ashley Nicole Photography took our photos this year, and we could have not been happier. If you live in the Minneapolis area and are looking for a photographer, I could not recommend her more highly. I am so thankful that she captured our growing family and little Jack's personality perfectly - we will treasure these photos forever!

Now, get ready for the many faces of Jack... :)

Photos are copyright of Ashley Nicole Photography!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jack's Fiesta Uno!

For Jack's first birthday, we hosted a fiesta uno in his honor! 

We had friends and family travel in from all over Minnesota and even out of state - Michigan and Virginia. It was such a fun time being able to celebrate Jack (and show everyone our new home... despite half of it still being in boxes at the time!).

We kept the menu easy with build-your-own fajitas (with all of the tasty fixings), fruit spears, salsa, guacamole, and churros and cupcakes for dessert. We also had a variety of Mexican sodas and beers - because hello, fiesta!

Jack was showered with gifts and really did well opening all of them on his own - with a little help from John, of course. He even got a new Radio Flyer wagon that he got to take for a test run before having cake... it was such a beautiful day, and Jack (being the responsible little boy that he is) held on to the wagon tightly for the whole ride.

After opening gifts Jack dug into his smash cake (literally). I wasn't totally sure whether or not he would enjoy the cake - and to be honest, I'm unsure how much cake he actually ate - but he very much enjoyed the frosting! After eating the cake he was getting pretty upset from being messy, so we had a mid-party bath and he was back to his cheerful self (...just extra crazy from all of the sugar!).

It was a beautiful day celebrating our sweet boy, and John and I are so thankful for all of the people who love on Jack. A large reason for moving to Minnesota was to be closer to family for things like this, and it was fun that we were able to move in time for his first birthday! John and I are so thankful for Jack and all of the joy that he brings us - we had no idea what a special gift we were given when he was born.

Here's a quick peek at our day celebrating Jack's birthday!

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