Friday, May 24, 2013

Painting Escape

There are few things more fun than a great girl’s night.  Recently, I got together with two of my good girlfriends, and we took a painting class together at Painting Escapes in downtown Plymouth.

I have never been good at painting or drawing, but in this class the instructor took you step-by-step in creating your picture, and it actually turned out pretty cool.  It was a very laidback environment and you could bring in any sort of drinks or snacks that you pleased – Hannah, Valarie and I chose some white sangria… I think it made us more creative!

After Painting Escapes we went to a patio dinner at Zin and finished the evening with some frozen yogurt in Kellogg Park.  Nom om om!  We were all wearing Maxi dresses, and it looked like we were part of some weird cult (not really – but it was still funny).  Yes, I realize that “some weird cult” is not politically correct. :)

I feel so blessed to have such good girl friends… we are able to share honestly with each other and because we have similar outlooks on life, we  can trust each other’s insights and advice.

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