Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saying goodbye to a pet

Today John and I had to make a very sad decision regarding one of our kitties.  We knew he hadn't been normal for awhile, but yesterday, after coming home from work, he clearly was not himself.  After several tests, a rough night, and several more tests, the vet told us that he had a large growth in his lower abdomen that was likely cancer.  Very sadly, we had to let him go.

Our kitty, Riley, was possibly the sweetest cat ever.  He was a long-haired Maine Coone that loved to cuddle and chirp at everything.  John and I are mourning our loss, but we know he is in a better place.  

We are focusing on all of the good times with Riley and how much joy that he brought us.  I copied some of my favorite pictures below.

Name: Riley
Also known as: Rigex, Rile, Professor Rile
Age: 12, would be 13 in October
Favorite activities: eating pretzels, chips, and popcorn; being cleaned by Shadow; cuddling under the covers; being held by John (and only John)
Favorite memory: Riley was given to me for Christmas by my parents when I was in 6th grade.  Although my parents were trying to keep the gift a secret, I answered a phone call from the Humane Society and they told me that my kitty was ready for pick up.  

I excitedly asked my mom what this was all about and only a few hours later, they brought me a kitten for Christmas! BUT it was not Riley, it was another kitten originally named Buzzbee (later named Winnie).  I was so excited to not only have a kitten, but to get it before our normal Christmas Eve gift opening.  

Later that night when opening gifts, I was surprised with a second kitten! I was certainly not expecting this as I had already gotten my kitten! The second kitten, named Fuzzbee (later named Riley), was the brother of the first kitten.  I never ever thought that I would ever get TWO kittens, but I did! (It was buy one, get one free - how could you not get two?) Boy, I was one happy girl that Christmas!

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