Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekday Fun

Sometimes I feel like I am so exhausted by the time I get home from work that I just want to veg and watch some DVR – which leaves only the weekend to actually do fun things.  Because of this, I am always excited when I can have a little bit of fun on a weekday… it breaks up the week and forces me out of the house.  Yesterday was one of those weekday fun days.
My day began when I got into my car for work, and I was surprised by a flower, some of my favorite candies, and the cutest Papyrus card ever (those things better be cute – they are like 7 bucks!).  I also had a 5 dollar bill in my cup holder (my husband knows that I never have cash and am always borrowing money from people for vending machine treats).  In my super cute card, I was instructed to head over to our new home directly after work.
Of course this was all I could think about all day (in addition to my Dove Chocolate inspirational quotes – which I got a full bag of that morning), and after work and navigating through all of the Ann Arbor traffic, I finally made it to our new home.  I was greeted with some yummy sushi and my favorite wine.  As you can tell from the picture below, we dined using our fancy new table and chairs.  It was quite romantic, actually!
We definitely over ate, but it was totally worth it.  Once we digested for a bit, we decided to take Scout for a walk around downtown.  She is still so little and has issues walking on a leash, but she actually did alright!  Every time she sees someone who she thinks might want to pet her, she lunges straight at the person and never can quite land on her feet.  This usually freaks people out and they then decide they no longer want to pet her… poor girl – she just gets too excited!
On our way back from the walk it started to rain… or rather, pour.  We tried to hide under a tree (yeah, I know, you shouldn’t do that… getting struck by lightning 101), but the weather was getting worse, so we bit the bullet and ran the mile we had left to get home.
By the time we got home, we were sopping wet, and our little puppy was almost unrecognizable!  Although we were wet and cold, I am not going to lie – the running in the rain was a great way to end our evening.  It was relaxing (sort of…) and a little bit freeing in a silly, cheesy way.
It was a wonderful evening and made me excited for our next adventure.  Those are the nights which make summer so much fun.  I am looking forward to many more runs in the rain with my wonderful husband.

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