Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hey June

It is very hard to believe that today is June 2nd (we are six months into 2013... What??)!  In celebration of summer, below you will find my summer 2013 bucket list.  Hopefully I will be able to check off the majority of these items, but given our crazy busy life as of current, it may be more challenging than it seems.

1) Going to a Tigers game

- John and I have been to several Tigers games together, and I feel like at least one game this summer is a must

2) Going to Cedar Point or Soak City
- One of our first dates together was to Soak City (this is where we first held hands :) ).  Perfect for a hot day, and the lines are not nearly as bad as Cedar Point

3) Camping

- One of my most fun times with John was camping July of 2010... We definitely need a camping round 2

4) Catching a fish using my fly rod
- I am working towards catching my first fish... in the meantime, I will live vicariously through John

5) Having a few lake days

- There is nothing better than a nice, clean lake that isn’t freezing cold

6) Playing tennis, golf, and riding our road bikes as much as possible

- I am so thankful that my husband and I share the same active interests… he may kick my butt road biking, but I still have fun!

7) Picnic in the arboretum (and not get lost)

- The last time we had a picnic in the arboretum we got lost and walked many miles out of our way until we came upon the UM hospital and walked several more miles home from there – I wanted to call a cab, but John refused claiming that we were “so close” the whole way (5 hours later we made it home)

8) Having as many patio dinners and happy hours as possible

- I want to take advantage of the cooler Michigan evenings and the tasty Ann Arbor eats

9) Actually buying something from the Ann Arbor Art Fair
- We always visit, but never buy… this summer I will insist we get a memento (but nothing too expensive…)

10) Seeing a movie at the State Theatre

- We have been to the Michigan Theatre several times, but never the State – this summer, we will change that

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