Sunday, July 21, 2013

New car!

My husband and I recently traded in one of our cars for an SUV.  After much car research, we decided on getting a Subaru Forester.  It is quite ironic that we decided on a Subaru because we are constantly making fun of people that drive them... We call them "crunchy granola" cars.  To even out the vibes, John joked that he was going to find a Reagan-Bush '84 sticker to put on bumper.

We sold John's Focus (dubbed "Happy") to a very nice girl on Craig's List.  She was going to be a freshman in college and this was her very first car.  She said it was beautiful... and I agree with her :) ...lots of great memories!

You know when you are a kid and you play padiddle (where you see a car with one head light out and you can hit the other person in the car that didn't see it first)? Well, to go along with our crunchy granola jokes, John and I play Subaru... Since there are so many in Ann Arbor, every time you see one, you get to hit the other person.  And as a bonus, if it has an Obama sticker on it, you get to hit them twice.  Lightly, of course.
Below you'll find a double wammy that I saw on my drive home from work.

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  1. Super random that I saw this post but we just bought a Forester too! Got ours in Feb and my hubby loves it!


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