Monday, July 29, 2013

The Milton Diaries

Dear Diary,

This past weekend my mom and dad went to Chicago to run the Big 10K.  I was sad that they wouldn't let me go with because I am a huge Penn State fan.  Since I was home alone, my friend Scout's parents watched me.

I had a fun weekend, but I really missed my mom and dad.  I took a lot of pictures from the weekend.  Woof!



My mom and dad running to Big 10K! Go Mom and Dad!!!

Scout's dad, John, was grilling outside, so I got to eat my dinner outside too.  It was kind of like a picnic!  Woof!

I did a lot of running with Scout (that's why we are so blurry in the pictures).  Sometimes I chased her and sometimes she chased me.  She likes to bite my lips, and I don't like that, so sometimes I run away.

I spent some cuddle time with Scout's mom, Lisa.  We worked on her Bible study and watched the Bachelorette - go Des!

I swam a lot this weekend.  I tried to teach Scout to swim, and I worked on putting my whole head under water at one time.

I played baseball at the park.  The picture to the far right is me after I scored my first home run.

I also learned about new things.  I tried my first iced, non-fat chai latte - nom om om, woof! And Scout let me play with her new toy... it was so fun!

Me and Scout's mom just hangin'.

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