Sunday, August 25, 2013

2/3rds of the way...

Wow - Oklahoma is probably the worst state ever, just saying.

They have tolls in the most obscure places... For residents this isn't an issue because they have a "Pike Pass" (which allows them to drive through at full speed) but for everyone else, it requires you pull over on the side the of the freeway to pay, and then merge back into traffic.  This would not be as large of an issue if we didn't have a massively large caravan.  They key to survival is to have no shame.

Also, these tolls do not have people at them - they are buckets that you throw change in... Yes, change.  Apparently they assume people carry a piggy bank with them.  (This is how ridiculous it is) I missed my exit, so I got off the free way to turn around - I had to pay a toll to get off, turn around, and a toll to get back on! I ran out of money! Also, there were two which happened to have a person at them so I had to write them two separate  checks to cover the $4 tolls.

After paying (what was in John's opinion) more tolls than necessary and also running a few, we got to one were the coin machine didn't even work (yet of course when you run the toll the alarm still worked perfectly). Ahh! We already decided we are not going to ever come back (this was semi disappointing  as I loved the movie Twister and have always wanted to chase tornados).

Anyway, we are (only) 455 miles from Albuquerque...! The trip is not going that bad, and as long as Scout can not freak out until we get within an hour of getting there, we should be on good shape! No flat tires, no bad weather, no broken timing belts... Just a few whiney animals, so I'm not going to complain (aside from the nonsensical tolls... John said he was just going to blow through them and throw money out the window in protest).

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