Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Camping Recipes: Pizza Pockets!

When I was younger, my family would go camping several times each summer. At the time, I wasn't in love with camping (I would have much rather been glamping! Sorry, Real Housewives reference...). One thing I did love, though (and still do), is all of the yummy camping food that you get to make over the fire. One of my favorites is pizza pockets!

What you need:

- Butter
- Bread
- Pizza sauce
- Pepperonis (or desired toppings)
- Shredded cheese
- Camp cooker (also known as a pie iron)

How to:

1. Start by buttering the side of the bread that will be touching the pie iron
2. Then, add pepperonis, or whatever toppings you would like, to one of the pieces of bread
3. On the same piece of bread, add shredded cheese
4. Add your desired amount of pizza sauce
5. Next, add the second piece of bread on top (buttered on the side that touches the iron), and close the pie iron and place into the camp fire, alternating the sides exposed to the heat
6. After several minutes on each side, take a little peek to see if the bread is toasted to your liking; if not, continue to cook

Finally, enjoy! But be careful... the first bite will be very hot!

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