Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY: no sew ottoman

This DIY ottoman is an easy and inexpensive way to add an accent piece of furniture to any room. And for non-DIYers, no fear... I am fairly certain this cannot be messed up!

What you'll need:
1. a base for the ottoman (I used the top of a Lack side table from Ikea)
2. foam to cover the base (for a thicker ottoman, use a thicker foam; purchased from JoAnns)
3. furniture legs (I purchased mine from Home Depot)
4. fabric to cover the foam and base

5. a staple gun and staples

How to:
- Start by trimming your foam to fit your ottoman base (I used a bread knife).
- Once your foam is the same size as the ottoman base, cover with fabric. If you are using a fabric with a print, make sure that the print is even and centered on the ottoman.

- Start by stapling the sides of the fabric under the base of the table. Make sure you pull the fabric tight to get a firm look. I pulled my fabric tight enough to round the square edges of the foam.

- After stapling the sides, smooth the fabric before stapling the corners. When stapling the corners, take care to leave room to attach the ottoman's legs.
- Once the fabric is attached to the base, cut off the extra and attach the legs. Since I used the top of Lack table from Ikea, there were already premade holes to attach legs. Instead of attaching the legs that came with the table, I attached furniture legs from Home Depot.

- Add little felt bottoms to the legs to make sure they do not scratch your floors, and enjoy your new ottoman!

Fun ideas:
- Use outdoor fabric and keep on a patio... it would be perfect with an Adirondack chair.
- Instead of covering a side table, cover a larger coffee table for the center of the room.

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  1. This is genius. I have a feeling I'll be making one myself very soon!


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