Monday, August 26, 2013


We made it!!

The last 5 hours of driving went by painfully slow, but sure enough, here we are in one piece.

Driving through Texas was enjoyable.  I like the vibes that the state gives off - the whole wanting to secede from the USofA shows some real panache! And I like the shape of the state.  Throughout the drive there were 4 radio stations, 3 of which were in Spanish... And the 4th? You guessed it... K-Love!

We are incredibly happy that we (and our furry friends) made it here alive.  We have movers coming later this morning to unload all of our things and Scout will be at puppy daycare, so hopefully we will get a chance to unpack the essentials.

I asked John if the water was drinkable here... He said he was 95% sure (not good enough for me, I will call on it in the morning!).

Until then, adios amigos! (Look how New Mexican I am already.)

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