Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY: Etched Glass Containers

What you'll need:
- Etching Cream (I used Armour Etch)
- Glassware (caution: it will be permanently altered)
- A stencil of some sort (I used letter stickers)

How to:
1.  Begin by washing and drying your glassware.
2.  Next, lay out your stencil how you would like it to appear on the glass. Since I used letter stickers, I cut out the letters and used the outlines for my stencil.
3.  Apply the stencil to the glass. Make sure there are no air bubbles (otherwise the etching cream may bleed under your stencil).
4.  Dab on a thick layer of etching cream. Take your time and be careful to avoid drips.
5.  Let your etching cream sit for 30 minutes (or follow the instructions on your etching cream bottle).
6.  After 30 minutes or so, rinse off the etching cream, remove the stencil, and dry your glass.  

...And Ta-da!

The etched glass doesn't show up in pictures super well, but in person it looks great!  

When I was little, I used to write my name on everything that was mine (I was a very organized little girl).  I would even go through the whole house/garage with a permanent marker and write the name of the family member who owned the item (I would write "Paul Western" on my dad's shoes, or "Jon Western" or "Matt Western" on my brothers' basketballs, etc.) Well John better watch out, because this whole etching cream is pretty fun - the adult version of a permanent marker... I will likely be etching anything glass that I can get my hands on (I'm thinking monograms galore). :) 

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