Monday, September 9, 2013

Making New Mexico Home

I am on a mission to make New Mexico home... and the first step is letting people know that we moved! So, we are sending out moving postcard announcements; I purchased them from Snapfish, and I am not overly happy with the quality - I give them only a 6 out of 10.  Oh well, I'll send them out anyway. I have this pipe dream that one morning I will wake up and one of our Michigan friends will be at our door in the morning to surprise us (now that they have our address, and all... hint, hint, friends!). :)

Other steps to accomplish in making New Mexico home...

- Finding a church and a small group; One of the things that was most disappointing about leaving Michigan was leaving our church and small group.  We are currently on the hunt for a new church, and this past Sunday John and I tried out a hopeful... it was nice, but we think we are going to keep looking. (We pray this won't be a drawn out process!!)

- A job; I have always enjoyed work, and as much as I love playing with my sweet fur babies (all day long...), I need a little bit more mental stimulation. A conversation with a human, perhaps.  I feel annoying to my friends in Michigan because I call or text them incessantly.  A note to my Michigan friends: I have you on a rotating text/call schedule as to avoid annoying you too much - but really, if you're bored, call me (I called my friend Anne today... three times in a row... hoping she would think it was an emergency and pick up - I'm desperate people!).

- Finding a new colorist; Unfortunately, blonde hair does not grow out of my head, but has been placed there by my amazing colorist, Shawna - who is located in... Plymouth, Michigan! :(  I know this sounds dramatic, but not many people understand blondes - I don't want to be orange, yellow, too warm, or too ashy. And I don't want a base or really stringy looking highlights! I want to be just like I am - The hunt and colorist interrogation continues...

- Purchase a dining room table; With no where to formally eat, we cannot entertain (that's okay for now, but once we have local friends I would like to have them over). And maybe, more importantly, I have nowhere to show off all of my great centerpieces! :(  I have these visions of building my own table, Restoration Hardware style (I have seen tons of pins about building your own farmhouse table.  It can't be too hard, right?? wait...).

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