Monday, September 23, 2013

New Mexico Happenings

Today, my husband was officially sworn into the state bar and is now a licensed attorney! I am so incredibly happy for him and proud of his hard work.  The swearing-in ceremony was held at a convention center and every new attorney was called by name and had an already licensed attorney motion for their acceptance to the state bar in front of the New Mexico Supreme Court Justices.  John, and three other newly hired attorneys from his firm, were all motioned by their firm's practice group leader.  They were one of the first groups called, which made sitting through all the other attorneys feel lengthy, but after all of John's hard work, the pomp and circumstance was rightfully deserved (and enjoyed).

After the ceremony, we all went to lunch at a Brazilian steakhouse downtown.  It was very yummy, and the conversation was delightful.  I will say, however, that I was out of conversation practice... I haven't used my brain for awhile and it took me awhile to process things - I am planning on starting  Kumon to keep my brain sharp (just kidding... but it probably isn't a terrible idea).

This past weekend, John, Scout and I hiked the Pino Trail.  The trail is located right by our apartment, and it was little Scout's first legit hike.  We were only planning on hiking for 3 hours or so (not the whole trail), but about 2 hours into the hike, we decided that we should probably just hike the whole thing so that we could check it off of our to-hike list.  Although this sounded like a great idea at the time, the hike turned into 10 miles in the mid-day New Mexico sun.  Since we were not planning on being gone for so long, we didn't pack sunscreen, ran out of water, and didn't have anything to eat (for us or the little pooch).  Poor Scout had about 30 little cactus prickers stuck in her paw and cried every time we pulled one out (it was such a sad puppy we had)... but other than this, she was a champion!

Had the hike ended 2 hours earlier, we would have really enjoyed ourselves, but this is a classic example of sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  Lessons learned include, plan what you're going to do, and do what you plan... otherwise you will end up (very) hungry, out of water and sunburned.

Yesterday, John and I ventured over to McCall's Pumpkin Patch to do some fall celebrating, and it was great fun.  There were several great corn mazes, animals, and fall foods... everything a girl could want!  We then took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and went through a tiny portion of the massively large pumpkin patch - I'm talkin' huge.  We picked four pumpkins in a variety of colors; had we had more time, I could have spent several hours in the pumpkin patch finding the best ones.

However, there was one, very important element missing... apple cider! It was oh-so sad that there was no cider.  There is a cider festival in October, and God knows I will be going a bit cray-cray when I get my hands on some!! I can drink gallons and still want more.  :)  Feel free to judge, I am unashamed of my apple cider addiction! Cold, hot, with a splash of rum... it is all tasty to me!


  1. I love this and you! XOXO Miss you! Must plan our trip soon. -Leslie

    1. Leslie! Let's plan a trip stat - we are overly available!! :) :) Miss you muchos!


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