Monday, September 16, 2013

Scout's New Pool

Scout has this new terrible habit of dumping all of the water out of her water bowl and onto the floor.  She typically starts by drinking the water, which then leads to shoveling out as much as she can, and then she ends by trying to tip the water bowl over by picking it up with her mouth.  We are unsure why she enjoys playing in her water so much, but John and I don't like cleaning it up (or stepping in it...)!  

To help feed (or water...) Scout's new passion for swimming (in a less messy way), when John was at work, Scout and I went shopping at her favorite store, PetSmart.  And I bought her a puppy pool!  Not exactly the most visually appealing of patio furniture, but she sure loves to play in it - and anything that can keep her busy, keeps us happy! It was $8 well spent...

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