Monday, October 14, 2013

Cider Festival

This past weekend there was a cider festival at a botanical park in Albuquerque.  As you can imagine, this made me quite thrilled!! When we got there they were already all sold out of cider - and the people to make the cider were on lunch break (really...?).  We had to patiently wait two hours for them to come back and press the apples, but let me tell you what - this cider was SO fresh! We bought two gallons and plan to freeze one (they only last 4 days because they are no preservatives - just apples).  While we waited for the cider we enjoyed some farm animals, fall activities, and an aquarium that they have at the bio park.

After the cider festival, we went to Sportsman's Warehouse to checkout e-collars for Scout, and then headed home to drink our cider and watch college football for the rest of the evening! It was a lazy, but very lovely Saturday!

ABQ Bio Park

Apple press

Waiting for our cider

Rocking the SmartWool and Tory Burch

Yay! We finally got it!

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