Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY: Pumpkin Decorating

Instead of carving my pumpkins this year, I wanted to attempt to paint them with cool designs.  So, the most obviously wonderful print came to mind... chevron! Who wouldn't love a chevron pumpkin welcoming them home?

Side note, my sweet husband bought me some flowers on his way home from work.  But instead of getting me a bouquet, he bought me a whole pot of mums... love, love, love!

Anyway, back to my second love, chevron.  Begin by taping your chevron design to the pumpkin.  This may take awhile, but be patient and get it right.  Make sure that the tape sticks down into the grooves of the pumpkin.  Tape off all areas you do not want painted (including the stem and bottom).

Next, spray paint the whole pumpkin and let the paint dry.

Once the pumpkin is dry, carefully remove the tape to display your wonderful design.  Try not to pull off the paint when removing the tape (don't pull the tape up, but directly back, if that makes sense - just like you would if you taped and then painted a wall).

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