Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Trail Treats

I am THAT girl who always signs up to bring plates to potlucks... Plates, forks, napkins - that's my mojo (every once and awhile I will splurge and bring two liters of soda).  My sweet coworkers from Ann Arbor would sometimes tease me about this, so one time, I caught everyone off guard by bringing in these trail treats (I used pink, red, and white M&Ms for Valentine's Day).

These trail treats are so yummy and only take 10 minutes to make (honestly, unwrapping the Hugs takes the most time).

What you need:
- Square pretzels (I used Butter Snaps)
- Hersey Hugs
- Reese's Pieces (or M&Ms, if you'd rather)

How to:
1. Place the pretzels on a lined baking sheet.
2. Put a Hershey Hug on each pretzel.
3. Bake for 5-10 minutes (or until the Hugs are soft) at 200 degrees.
4. Place a Reece's Pieces on the top of the Hug, pushing the Hug onto the pretzel.
5. Cool and enjoy!

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