Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jemez Mountain Byway and Sandia Peak Tram

This past weekend, John and I had a fun time exploring around town.  We began the weekend by taking a mini road trip through the Jemez Mountains.  Only about an hour away, the Jemez Mountains have a national scenic byway that is incredibly gorgeous.  Although we didn't get out of the car much, it was great fun to see the leaves starting to change and enjoy the amazing crisp, fall air (it was about 60 degrees!).  

We plan on going back sometime soon because there are hot spring pools throughout the mountains that you can hike to.  We drove with the windows down, and we jammed to a CD that John burned for our adventure (his playlist is below). :) He is an excellent car-singer! The sky was so incredibly blue the whole day... It was strange, almost eerie, not having a single cloud to break up the bright blue!

John and I also ventured to the Sandia Peak Tramway and took the tram to the top of the mountain (about 10,300 feet).  The tram ride was a little less than 15 minutes and is the longest tram in the world.  In the winter it is used to take skiers and snowboarders to the runs on the top of the mountain, but during the off-season, it is mostly for tourists (or newly-transplanted locals). :)

At the top of the mountain we had a drink at the high-elevation restaurant and enjoyed the view.  It was pretty chilly and windy at the top, but the man working the tram said he had been up there at -40 degrees before... Yikes!!  It was a lovely ride, and something we already decided we are going to do again when there is snow on the mountain.

And last, but very certainly not least... John and I received gold, in the form of pumpkin cider donuts, in the mail from my mom.  We popped them in the oven on low for 10 minutes and they were an incredible Sunday morning treat! In fact, we missed the early church service because I was too busy eating them... No worries, we made the 11 AM! ;)

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