Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pray-fam Life Updates

I recently joined a small group at the church we are going to, Sagebrush.  We meet every Thursday night, and the girls in the group are great.  The group is very recently formed, which is nice so that I'm not "the new girl."  We are studying the women of the Bible, which makes the variety of topics that we discuss interesting.

Alsooo, I got a job! I will be working at the University of New Mexico in the Human Research Protections Office as a Human Research Review Analyst.  I am excited about the position, and it seems like I will be working with a great team.  I don't start until mid-November, which is totally fine with me.  My wonderful friend Hannah is coming out to visit (and will be here later today, actually!!), and it is nice that I can enjoy our time together without having to worry about work-prep.

John has been staying busy with work and basketball practice... yes, you read that correctly - he joined the firm basketball team! He will tell you that he doesn't have a great shot, but plays aggressively.  He is playing in a lawyers/accountants league, so hopefully no one will be too riled up about getting fouled by my husband.

Aside from work and basketball, John has been embracing all things New Mexico, and bought his first pair of ropers (they were actually an early Christmas gift from his mom)!  The boots look very nice on him!  He also has been loving all the FSU and famous Jameis action on ESPN.

Scout has been busy being social and just started going to the Central New Mexico Brittany Club on the weekends.  John and Scout wake up very early and head over to the West Mesa where Scout is being introduced to birds, gun fire, and the New Mexico terrain.  She is looking forward to quail hunting on opening weekend in mid-November!

Shadow finally has her cone off her head and is looking extra cute because of it.  Shadow has this terrible habit of ripping out her fur and leaving bald spots on her legs and tail. Since she had her cone on for a couple months, her fur has grown back and she is looking great!  In a couple weeks she will be 15 (yes, 15 years old).  This is crazy to me... if she was human, she would be able to drive a car with a driver's permit. Weird.

Winnie just turned 12 years old (yesterday, actually), and is enjoying life in New Mexico.  She spends most of her time trying to avoid Scout, sleeping in the warm sun, and every once and a while, enjoys hunting a fly or two that enters our apartment.

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