Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taos and the Enchanted Circle

This past weekend John and I spent a few beautiful days in Taos.  Our original reason for making the trip was to see the aspen leaves changing colors around the Enchanted Circle (an 83 mile scenic byway loop which takes you through Carson National Forest, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Angel Fire and many other fun ski towns).  The trees were beautiful, but it wasn't until we got to Taos Ski Valley (the ski town of Taos, at a higher elevation), that we were able to see the fully-turned trees (which glow in the sun!).  It is interesting because although the aspens change to such bright colors, they are dispersed between pine trees (which stay green, obviously) so you don't really get the full effect of fall without everything yellow/orange/red (Michigan - 1, New Mexico - 0).

We ended up staying the night at a ski resort in Taos Ski Valley and then, in the morning, John hiked Wheeler Peak (the highest point in New Mexico at over 13,000 feet) while I lounged around the hotel. :)  I was planning to hike with him, but I am glad that I didn't... When he started the hike it was only 28 degrees out, and he hiked the 13 miles at a pretty quick pace.
After telling me that he was going to run up the mountain and be back down from his hike around 1 pm, my sweet husband left with only 12 oz of water and not a single snack.  About two miles from the summit, two very nice couples from Texas took him under their wing, gave him some trail mix, and let him drink from their Camelbak (he drank directly from their pack - that's how thirsty he was!).  They were lovely people, and we even had dinner with them after the hike at a fun local restaurant.

On the way back from Taos, we picked up our cute little puppy from John's secretary's house, who kindly offered to watch Scout. She and her husband have two German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) which kept Scout very, very busy (well, I am assuming so at least because she slept for two days straight when she got home...).  John and her husband are planning to go quail hunting opening weekend which Scout is thrilled about!  John is sort of excited too, I guess. ;) He didn't join Quail Forever just for Scout, ya know!

Lunch at Doc Martin's in Taos

Lunch at Doc Martin's in Taos

The Enchanted Circle

Carson National Forest

View from our room's balcony

Williams Lake on the way to Wheeler Peak

Top of Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak

Saying goodbye to the aspens

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  1. I really want to go here! This looks amazing! M and I drove up to Taos one summer evening for a concert in the Park, but drove back to ABQ that same night! I would LOVE to spend a weekend up here exploring! You and John look so happy here too!


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