Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Stocking-stuffers

When I was growing up, my family always opened gifts on Christmas Eve after a big Christmas Eve dinner and an hour or two of playing family games (I think this is a Minnesota thing, not totally sure).  Since our main event, so to speak, occurred on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning consisted mostly of stocking-stuffers and a big Christmas Day breakfast.

Believe it or not (most people think this is crazy), I never believed in Santa Clause (my parents never encouraged believing in a fictional obese white man for the sake of fun... can you believe their nerve?!).  And honestly, I just don't understand the Christmas jazz around Santa.  I will likely continue this non-belief with my someday children (I want them to celebrate the real reason for the season!). I know, I know, you probably think I am a grinch with no Christmas spirit, BUT this just isn't the case.  Trust me, I am a Christmas-freak... :)

Are there any other non-Santa believers out there?  We gotta stick together!  I would be interested to know how Santa Clause ties into other people's Christmas traditions. I just don't understand the whole Santa thing... why put any emphasis on anything but the birth of Jesus Christ? 

ANYWAY, since all of our gifts were opened on Christmas Eve, stockings were the highlight of Christmas morning... those were our "Santa" gifts. ;)  Even now, John and I continue our stocking-stuffer tradition.  Below you'll find some of our favorite gifts to receive as stocking-stuffers.

For her:

1. Nail polish
2. Earrings 
3. Perfume
4. Starbucks gift card
5. Scarves


For him:

1. Smartwool socks
2. Fly fishing flies
3. Cologne
4. Nalgene
5. Pocket knife

For the four-legged family members:

1. Stuffed duck
2. Himalayan dog chew
3. Bully stick (gross, but they love 'em)
4. Orvis Shotshell collar
5. Everlasting treat ball

For more favorite stocking-stuffers, check out the below link-up!!



  1. LOVE your different lists!!! Obsessed with the MJ studs. Love me some Smart Wool socks (my fave)...and EEEE! LOVE over the pup list!!!! Even though we did Santa at our house growing up, we also did our big family exchange on Christmas Eve, which was always bigger and more important than Santa.I love the family gift exchange on Christmas Eve!!!

    Thanks for linking up with us and for sharing your Christmas traditions, girlie! I LOVE hearing about other families' Christmas traditions!!!!


  2. eeee pet posts make me happy! I really want to smell that cologne by the way!

  3. I love that you did one for the four-legged family members! We can't leave them out in all this stocking stuffer fun!

  4. I really like the fur baby stuffers! I will have to keep those in mind for ours :)

  5. LOVE those Marc Jacobs studs and adore the scarf! Pretty sure my boyfriend would want everything on your "his" list :) Especially the fly fishing flies!

    1. Hi Khala! Do you ever go fly fishing with your boyfriend?!

  6. very interested to smell that perfume and also who doesn't love a starbucks gift card?! Great gift lists!!


  7. My dog Drake would LOVE to have you do his stocking! :)

  8. Great finds! Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas! xo

  9. Love your list, especially those Marc Jacob studs!! And you can never go wrong with nail polish or anything Starbucks related :) Have a great Thanksgiving!

  10. Keeping focus on the true reason can be difficult sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Love that you and yours remember the reason for the season!! Those ideas are great--I hadn't thought of fishing flies that'd be great for my man.


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