Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY: Chalkboard!

Pretty much everyone I know has caught on to the DIY chalkboard trend.  So, I thought there was no better time than now to make one (or three) of my own!

Christmas movie bucket list coming soon!

You will need:
- Picture frames (I bought mine from Goodwill and painted the frames with gold spray paint)
- Chalkboard paint (I used a spray can)
- Chalk (I had both a chalk pen and the traditional chalk sticks)

How to:
1.  Take apart your picture frame and (if desired) paint the outer frame whatever color you choose.
2.  Paint the backing of the picture with chalkboard paint.  I did several (5, or so) thin coats.
    - For my first and second chalkboards I painted the cardboard/wood backing.  This worked well, but you will have to be careful if you planning on getting the wood wet (while cleaning, for example).  Also, since the cardboard/wood is somewhat porous, it doesn't clean with a dry rag super great.
    - For my third chalkboard I decided to try and paint the glass that was originally part of the picture frame.  This worked better than the wood backing, in my opinion.  The only downside is that it is breakable (so you will need to be more careful with it than if you were just painting the wood backing). Also, you will want to make sure that you do not use anything sharp on the surface that would scrape off the paint from the glass.
3.  After painting the chalk, let it dry for 24 hours before using (resist the urge to skip this step!).
4.  Before drawing on the chalkboard, take a piece of chalk and shade the entire chalk board using the side of the chalk (this will help prevent future drawings on the chalkboard to get "burned" in).
5.  After you cure your chalkboard, put the board back into the frame, and draw away!

If you are awesome at hand lettering with chalk, then that is great (and I am very jealous of you!).  But no worries if you aren't a calligraphy pro... there is an easy cheat to get great looking lettering!  I used this tutorial, and it worked fabulous.

 And if you're looking to make your chalkboard art permanent, there are lacquer sprays (fixatives) available to preserve your doodling (or just use a white Sharpe or colored pencil)!

Here are some other fun chalkboard ideas... so easy, inexpensive, and totally fun!

Chalkboard to-do list.

Chalkboard glass stems.

Chalkboard drawer organization.

Chalkboard chargers and place settings.

Chalkboard cheese board.

Chalkboard wall for kiddo drawings.


  1. I love these!! We have one in our kitchen for our weekly menu / anything else and I have to try the chalk pen, since my handwriting with regular chalk isn't as pretty as i'd like it to be!! How do you get it to look like calligraphy?

    1. Hi there!

      I totally cheated with lettering, but since I am not a calligraphy pro, this is definitely the way to go to get a good looking chalkboard!

      I followed this tutorial:

      Basically, what you do is...
      - Print out on piece of computer paper what you want your board to look like.
      - Then, rub a piece of chalk on the back side of the paper where the font/graphic you want to use is located (using the side of a piece of real chalk).
      - Then lay your piece of paper (chalk side down) on your chalkboard.
      - Lastly take a pencil and line over the outline of font... this will press the chalk (on the opposite side of the piece of paper) onto the chalkboard
      - This will give you an outline to either keep as-is or go over with a chalk pen

      Let me know if this works out for you!! It is so fun to play around with :)

  2. I just did one of my own, but yours looks so gorgeous! I am so jealous of how yours turned out! I love your blog, I am a new follower! Thanks for linking up - so glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi Becky! If you haven't tried painting the glass, try that!! It gives it such a smooth look!

      Thanks for hosting the link-up!!

      Happy Thanksgiving :) :)

  3. Love this DIY. I have been wanting to make my own large chalk board and will use this to help for sure! Glad to be your newest follower!!


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