Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap!

This Thanksgiving we spent at John's mom's house (who also lives in New Mexico).  It was nice that we were able to spend the holiday with family... although I was missing my side of the family in Minnesota!.  The weather was beautiful and little Scout enjoyed playing outside all day (John's mom has a fenced yard).

The turkey was grilled, and it turned out fabulous! I made my grandma's stuffing and John made macaroni.  Now I should clarify, this isn't just any macaroni... It is a recipe that he got from his uncle in Atlanta - and John loves, loves this stuff!  He is even particular about the brand of ingredients he uses, except this year, he slightly altered the recipe by adding green chiles (since we live in New Mexico, and all!).

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  1. Grilled turkey sounds good and interesting! I am a huge fan of Mac n cheese as well!


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