Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Games

Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow we celebrate our Savior's birth... and I don't know about you, but that is exciting to me!  Christmas is such a beautiful time, and I love everything that it represents - the hope, joy, and life we can have because of the birth (and death, then resurrection) of our Lord. 

Our Christmas Eve day is going to look like this (or so we plan)... John has to work until noon (boo!), and when he is at work, I will go get my nails done - I'm thinking a holiday gold!  Once John gets off of work, we will go to the afternoon church service and then walk around Old Town to look at the luminarias (this is a New Mexico thing, and it is beautiful!!).  After Old Town we will be having dinner at our place with John's mom and her husband.  After dinner, it is a family (Western family, but now Pray family) tradition to play Christmas Eve games.  

Luminarias in Old Town

Luminarias in Old Town

If you can't tell from my agenda above - I am all about mandatory Christmas fun.  It isn't until everyone plays Christmas games that gifts can be opened.  I think this is great because it extends the evening, and with lotto tickets for prizes, the games get fun and competitive (although I am sure my husband and I would want to win even if a prize wasn't involved...)!

Just for fun, I thought I would post some of the games that we play every year... they change slightly, but mostly get repeated every year.

1.  Christmas Carol Riddles - You have a certain amount of time (this amount of time can change depending on how young or old your crowd is) to answer as many of the Christmas carols that the pictures are referring to.  Answers here.

2.  Christmas Carol Riddles - Basically the same rules as above (guess the name of the Christmas carol), but instead of picture clues, there are word clues. Answers here.

3.  Christmas Toy Trivia - Props to my little brother for introducing this one... these Christmas games are a family affair - everyone is required to host at least one game! This game is pretty tricky, but still fun anyway. Basically, there is a list of toys, and you need to guess the year that the toy was introduced. If you correctly guess the year you get a point (or, if too difficult, if you correctly guess the year you get 3 points, and if within 5 years you get 1 point).  Answers here.

  • Parcheesi® game 
  • Lionel® train 
  • Crayola® crayons 
  • Teddy bear 
  • Rook® game 
  • Tinkertoys® 
  • Lincoln Logs® 
  • Radio Flyer® wagon 
  • LEGO® building set 
  • View-Master® 3D viewer 
  • Candy Land® 
  • Silly Putty® 
  • Mr. Potato Head® 
  • Play-Doh® 
  • Barbie® doll 
  • Etch-A-Sketch® 
  • G.I. Joe® 
  • Easy Bake Oven® 
  • Twister® 
  • Spirograph® 
  • Hot Wheels® racecar set 
  • Rubik's Cube® 
  • Cabbage Patch Kids® 
  • Trivial Pursuit® 
  • Magna Doodle® 
  • Pictionary® 
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ 

These are just a few of the games we have played - others include Christmas bingo, Time 100 (who can name, by looking only at pictures, Time magazine's most influential people of the year), Christmas movie quotes (guessing what Christmas movie chosen quotes are from), Merry Christmas languages (Merry Christmas is written in a variety of languages, and you guess which language), etc.

I think you get the point - I love my Christmas games!

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  1. Hi! I was looking for the answers to # 1, Christmas Carol Riddles, and the answer page is listed as "Page Cannot Be Found." Do you have a new link for that page? If so, would you mind posting it? Thanks! I'm trying to get a head start in planning a Christmas party for the girls' dorm, and I know they would enjoy something like that! :)


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