Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree Drama

This past weekend, John and I decided that it was time to go get our Christmas tree! The past two years we have always cut a tree down ourselves and we were looking forward to doing the same this year.  It is pretty cool because you can get a Christmas tree permit and go to the Cibola National Forest or the Santa Fe National Forest and cut down whatever tree you choose.  We were super pumped for a real Griswold family Christmas tree experience (a video for your viewing pleasure).  

Unfortunately, there were no lush Griswold family Christmas trees to be found.  It was rather cold, and we were hiking through 8 or so inches of snow, so we were trying to work quickly.  We decided the Pray family Christmas tree was going to be a nicely shaped, a little bit sparse, White Fir.  You may be wondering why we picked a tree that we could see through... well, this was as thick as they came under 20 feet (and it is illegal to "top" the trees).  I was very hesitant about this tree, but John kept calling it beautiful.  Since I love the Christmas season, the fact that John had an opinion on our Christmas tree was wonderful to me!  So I started to convince myself that, indeed, it was wonderful.

Now let me preface the rest of this with my Christmas tree history... I have had beautiful Christmas trees that are big, perfectly shaped, and oh so lovely.  Decorating Christmas trees is my thing! If I could make it a business I would - in fact, I would do it for free if people let me!  I string the lights up and down every branch making sure the cords aren't visible... you get the point! I this very seriously!

Anyway, like I said, John kept calling the tree beautiful and natural, and kept talking about our "Rocky Mountain Christmas Tree."  So we tied it to the top of our car and headed home!  We set it up in our Christmas tree stand, but knew it was a bad sign that the stand could not tighten small enough to accommodate the size of the trunk.  The tree kept tipping over, but I moved on and started lighting the tree.  The poor branches couldn't hold the weight of the lights!  I started Googling things like "how to decorate a Charlie Brown-style Christmas tree beautifully" and "ways to make your Christmas tree look fuller."  John knew I wasn't having it when I just asked him to do the decorating for me.

Eventually (after much frustration and a few tears shed), John made the executive decision that we needed a new tree.  So we went out to see what live-pre cut trees were available.  We found one which was much more along the lines of the Pray Family Christmas tree that we were going for.  We bought it, brought it home, undecorated the first tree, and set up and decorated our new tree.  We decided we would settle for a Rocky Mountain wreath instead of a Rocky Mountain tree... if you ask me, it was a good decision!


  1. At least you got gorgeous pictures out of it!

  2. Good decision lol! But what a funny story

    1. Nina, you are so right about it being a good decision... I would have been so upset every time I looked at it!! lol

  3. I love the idea of being able to pick out and cut down your own tree! Sorry it didn't work out this year but I'm glad you still managed to get a great tree!

  4. That is so awesome that y'all cut your own tree--love it!!


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