Monday, December 9, 2013

Hunting in Las Cruces

It is hard to believe that there are only two more weekends until Christmas, and quite frankly, looking at the calendar and seeing how busy we are until then stresses me out!  Since this weekend was our only free weekend this month, we decided to head down to Las Cruces, New Mexico (about 3.5 hours away), to do some quail and dove hunting.  

We left on Saturday (very early...) and got to the first spot to hunt for quail.  Unfortunately, there were none to be seem - this disapointed John a bit, but I still enjoyed watching Scout run around and point things. Since Scout is still young (she will be 1 year old in March), she points pretty much everything - and when she points, there is definitely something there... it just may not be a live bird (perhaps it is a dead bird, or a rabbit, or cow poo... You get the point!).

Later that afternoon we headed to a swamp-ish area where we sat and waited for the sun to start setting, and sure enough, there were lots of doves.  This was John's first time dove hunting, and he ended up getting 5.  Little Scout was so excited to have a bird to put in her mouth!

After hunting, we headed back to our hotel just in time to order takeout and watch the Michigan State vs Ohio State game (go green!) and the Florida State vs Duke game (go noles!).  It was such fun and even more enjoyable because Scout was exhausted from hunting all day and laid on the bed motionless until the morning.


  1. Your Scout is precious. What type of dog is she? She has very similar features to our cavalier king charles.

    1. Hi, Paige! Scout is a French Brittany! :)

      And I agree... she does kind of look like a cavalier king charles (my mom has one - sweetest girl ever!!).


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