Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Happenings!

This past weekend was so incredibly busy... It felt like John and I were running from one thing to the next.  Have you ever had one of those weekends where when it's done you're like, wow - there was nothing relaxing about that!?  Well that is definitely how the past few days have been!

I am SO looking forward to having this work week over with, because for me, that means almost two weeks without work - and I CANNOT wait! :D  I plan on sleeping in, making cookies, wrapping the many gifts that are hiding in my closet, and shipping our out of town family their packages!  After all of that is done, I plan to watch Christmas movies, sing carols to John, and hopefully finish a ton of half-completed DIYs!

Here are the highlights of our weekend in pictures! :)


  1. I had the SAME kind of weekend! Going going going! And amen to two weeks off, lady! I have two weeks off as well after this week! How was The Hobbit? Sieg and I are DYING to see it! xo

    1. Khala! :) :)

      My husband lovedddd The Hobbit... I liked it, but I have never read the books so I am not quite as into it like he is.

      And girlfriend, we need to celebrate our two weeks off - I CANNOT wait! :)

  2. Love that dress and the color!! Fab.


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