Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jameson and Val come to visit!

This past weekend, John and I hosted our wonderful friends from Michigan, Jameson and Val. They flew in on Saturday morning and we were dying to see them! After we picked them up, we immediately headed to grab some lunch at The Range (to try some green chiles), and then we headed to Durango. On ourway to Durango we played the "I am going on a picnic and I am bringing..." game, but I don't think Jameson and John really understood how to play as they were bringing things like "history" and "Orlando Magic basketball team" to the picnic... Val and I stuck with the essentials like "apples" and "bananas."

Once we got to Durango, we checked into our hotel rooms. We stayed in a historic hotel from the late 1800s... it was beautiful and had a lot of fun character. It was so wonderful getting to catch up with them - a Skype date just doesn't do real catching up justice!

Later that evening we had a very, very yummy dinner at El Moro, and after dinner, the boys went out for the night and Val and I headed back to the hotel to watch a little TV and go to bed.

The next morning we ate a tasty breakfast at the hotel and did a tiny bit of shopping before heading out. The original plan was to head to Silverton and Ouray, but the road needed to get there was indefinitely closed due to a rock slide that happened a few days earlier (on our first trip to Colorado, the same road was closed due to a mud slide... seems like we don't have great luck with this road!).

The road closure ended up being a good thing because it provided more time in my favorite location: Telluride! On our way to Telluride, we entertained ourselves by planning the Newlywed game (which Jameson and Val shamefully ended up winning...). When John and I were in Telluride this past fall there was not yet any snow, and it looked like a completely different city, so it was quite fun to be there in winter with all of the snow. We started our tour by eating lunch at a fun restaurant that was at the base of one of the ski runs... the weather was absolutely lovely, and we were able to walk around without jackets.

After lunch we took the gondola to the other side of the mountain (where we ate freshly made crepes, sat by outdoor fires, and walked around discussing our future vacation property that we plan on buying together - I voted for sun and beach, but was outnumbered by everyone else). We did a little shopping (the boys both bought vests... aww, twinsies!!), and we had quite fun people watching.

It was such a fun day, and we were so sad to be leaving!


  1. This looks like such a fun mini vacation!

  2. I am obsessed with the fur vest you're wearing!! I love the men checking into the hotel with your Vera Bradley on their arms haha!! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

  3. those mountains are such a beautiful backdrop for hanging with friends! looks like a lovely weekend.

  4. Hahahaha I was cracking up reading about your 'picnic' car game : ) Typical men, right?! So happy you had such a lovely time with your friends girlie! Out-of-town visitors are the best! xo

  5. Don't forget about fish tacos and the symphony orchestra! Thank you for hosting us and for such a wonderful trip! xoxo

  6. Such a beautiful trip! I would love to go to Colorado! That hotel looks amazing! It's so wonderful when places actually maintain a historical building like that! :) Glad you finally got some time with your friends!


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