Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jameson's Breaking Bad Tour

We didn't get back from Telluride until very late, and John had to work the next day, so while John was away I took Jameson and Val on a little Albuquerque Breaking Bad tour (per Jameson's request). I still haven't finished watching all of the episodes, but our sightseeing gave me (slight) motivation to keep watching. But I'm not going to lie, it's a little bit embarrassing how much this city loves the show. Anyway...

We went to see Walt and Skyler's house.

Took a pit-stop at Los Pollos Hermanos.

Saw the A1A car wash.

And no Breaking Bad tour would be complete without a trip to The Candy Lady in Old Town Albuquerque to buy some blue meth candy (the candy was used in the first two seasons of the show).

The Candy Lady is actually being evicted from her current location in mid-February because she cannot pay her store's rent.

She was featured in the NY Times though!

Once John got off from work, we all met up to go for dinner at El Pinto... a New Mexican restaurant that is super fun and beautiful. Upon entering the restaurant there are red chile ristas everywhere - they did a great job with the decor! We had some yummy margaritas and Jameson ate his final green chile cheeseburger.

After dinner, there would be no better way to end our trip than to watch The Bachelor together... that's what girlfriends are for, right?! It's a shame that Val and I can't watch together every Monday; even the boys enjoyed watching (or maybe they just enjoyed making fun of Juan Pablo's pronounciation of "pajamas"). Eitherway, our mini viewing party was quite fun! (Scout enjoyed it too... She sat on Val's lap and licked Jameson's head the whole time... I'll take it! Whatever you can do to keep a bird dog busy!).

Jameson and Val left super early in the morning the next day and it was so sad to know that it would likely be awhile until we see them next. I'm hoping that we will be able to get together this summer or early fall - but hey, I'm totally open to sooner, just sayin'!


  1. I don't watch this show, but how cool to see these sites!

  2. Sort of sad that lady is going to be evicted - you'd think she would have a lot of sales!! Secondly, I'm very shocked that these places actually exist and aren't on some "set!!"


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