Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Texas Recap!

Happy 2014!! John and I feel so blessed to be starting the new year healthy, employed, and reenergized coming back from a Texas vacation.

Friday evening, John and I flew into Dallas to begin our trip. We did a little walking around Highland Park Village and then paid a visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards. The Stockyards were the perfect way to start our trip - stereotypical Texas with cattle drives, saloons, and barbecue. There were a lot of foreign tourists there - I wonder if they think this is what all of the US is like? It would be one thing for them to visit Florida, California, or maybe New York, but Texas just seems like an interesting choice!


After the stockyards we headed to Austin. By the time we got to Austin, it was getting dark so we got into our hotel and took a beautiful evening stroll to see the Texas State Capitol (fun fact, the Texas State Capitol and the Michigan State Capitol were designed by the same person!). Since we were visiting shortly after Christmas, all of the decorations were still displayed and music playing.


We ate some street food, grabbed a few drinks downtown and it was entirely lovely. This was my first time in Austin, and it was pretty incredible... I have heard a few people compare it to Ann Arbor, and that is not at all a fair comparison. Austin was much, much larger than Ann Arbor and had way more food and drink establishments and much more going on (sorry, Michigan). The next day in Austin, we at lunch at another food truck and had blackened red snapper po' boys. Oh my word. I could eat these for the rest of my life. For real - yum.


After Austin we headed to San Antonio (after we took a quick tour through the Texas Hill Country - beautiful!). When we got to San Antonio the traffic was out of control (we later found out that the Alamo Bowl was the next day) so we saw the Alamo and headed out as fast as we could (which was very slowly...).

We spent our next day in Galveston, and although it was only in the high 40s and windy, we enjoyed the Gulf of Mexico fully clothed with scarves and hats. We ate the best gumbo and had a lovely walk on a pier. There is something great about the ocean and, coming from New Mexico, it was definitely a treat to see the water.


After spending the day in Galveston, we headed to Houston to have a very, very delicious dinner at The Grove. It is a super cool restaurant, and about half of the walls are full windows into an outside garden. John had shrimp and grits which were to die for... We had to resist ordering another entree for later (even though we were stuffed - this was my idea, not his). After dinner, we walked around the garden a bit and headed back to our hotel (fun fact: our hotel was in a restored building originally owned by Humble Oil - now Exxon).


The next morning we walked around downtown Houston and did a bit of shopping (gotta spend those Christmas gift cards!). By mid-afternoon we left for Dallas and started to get ready for NYE. We decided on going to the "Big D NYE"... which is a New York City-style outdoor countdown. We thought this would be a good option because it didn't require an early ticket purchase, and since we are not familiar with the area, there was too much room for error in picking something else. It was quite cold (46 degrees... However, I do realize this nothing compared to Minneapolis - which, according to my phone, was -9). There was music, yummy food, drinks, and, after the ball dropped, fireworks.




  1. Such cute pictures! It sounds like such a fun time! I'm jealous!

  2. What a great tour of Texas you had!! It's definitely on my states to visit so thanks for the recap!! Can't wait to make it to Dallas and Austin!! You looked gorge on NYE!!! Happy New year!!

    1. You must go!! Our longest drive between destinations was only about 3.5 hours, which really isn't that bad when you are able to hit all the big stops!

      Happy New Year, girlie!!

  3. Y'ALL! It looks so fun. Texas fascinates me. Also where is that turban from because I need it. Need it. I have an addiction to cheetah/leopard.

    1. Nina!! :D It is from good 'ole Forever 21... Probably about 6 bucks, or so - never fails me!! xo


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