Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cherry Cordial Cupcakes

Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday went by quickly, and I am hoping today will be the same... My first small group of the year starts tonight (we are doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free) so it will be a long day until I get to head home to see my sweet hubby and puppy!

I don't know why, but I had baking fever all weekend...! There are a few Pinterest recipes that have been burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided there would be no better time than Super Bowl weekend to try them out (even if they weren't football themed).

What you need:
- Cupcakes
- Frosting
- Maracino cherries

I used a boxed cake mix for my cupcakes and premade frosting, but if you're feeling extra ambitious, I encourage you to make these from scratch! The original recipe was chocolate cake and frosting, but I'm a vanilla girl.

How to:

1. Once your cupcakes are fully cool, use a paring knife to cut a 1.5 inch-ish deep heart out of the center of the cupcake (I tried to use a heart cookie cutter, but the edges of the cookie cutter were not sharp enough to make a convincing heart shape).

2. After removing the heart shape, cover the inside of the cupcake with frosting.

3. Once you frost the inside of the cupcake, place 2-3 cherries inside, and top with some of the cherry juice (the cherry juice absorbs into the cake, and makes for a very tasty cherry flavor!).

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  1. Those look so so good - and they are pretty to boot!!! I wish I was a better baker, but the best I can do is Banana Bread!!

  2. Those are adorable! How festive!



  3. they look so cute and i bet they taste delicious!

  4. YUM! These look delicious and super easy. I may have to break out the cupcake pan this weekend :) Thanks for the recipe!


  5. These look freaking amazing. And just in time for Vday! You are so creative :)


  6. Ohhhh my goodness! Those look so tasty and a lot easier to make than I expected! We do a potluck of just sweets on Valentine's Day at work, so it helps to have some baked goods and goodies for ideas! Thanks for sharing, love! xo

  7. Those cupcakes are so cute, I I think I'm going to run out today and make them, thanks for sharing!!

  8. ohhh my goodness, I have to try these! SOOO cute!

  9. How adorable and they look delicious! Love this idea! :) xoxo, Lindsay

  10. That sounds amazing!!! Omg I want one. Ha, my mouth started to water. Thanks a lot... =) Clever idea.

    1. Made these for my husband to take to work with him for Valentine's Day! I saved one for myself though...so fun =)


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