Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Minute NYE Planning!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Although it's already NYE, it isn’t too late to throw together some last minute appetizers and treats to enjoy while ringing in 2015.  John and I will be hosting family, so I wanted to make some easy, no-fuss eats to enjoy while celebrating the New Year.  
My parents, younger brother, and his girlfriend will be arriving in Scottsdale this evening, and my older brother, his wife, and our good family friends, Mark and Marsha, will be joining tomorrow.  
It will be a great week of fun, exploring, and catching up!

Anyway, the goal for this evening is easy, but still tasty and festive... here are a few things that I have my eye on – we will see what I actually come up with when I make it to the grocery store this afternoon, but at least I have good intentions!  Do you have any easy, but festive recommendations?

Here are some great, yet simple ideas for NYE hosting that require very little (or no) preparation.

Champagne and berry bar
A few berries dress up a glass of champagne quite nicely, if you ask me!

Chocolate fondue
Who doesn’t love chocolate fondue? Serve with oreos, marshmallows, pound cake, strawberries, and whatever else your heart desires… it’s interactive and simple to put together.

Cookie Clocks
Buy premade sugar cookies and draw on clock hands with frosting – and ta da! NYE cookies! 

Midnight Kisses
I’m not a huge fan of Hershey chocolate kisses, but with a theme this easy, why miss out?

Cheese Platter
It isn't necessarily festive, but it is easy and who doesn't love cheese?


Side note... one of the great things about Arizona is that I can celebrate the New Year on East Coast time and still be in bed by 10! Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking this is pretty amazing?

Have a safe and happy NYE! 


  1. Great ideas! I am looking forward to a fun NYE with everyone this evening!


  2. Great ideas, for sure! Have a wonderful time with your family!
    xo Southern Style

  3. Such cute ideas, loving the champagne and berry bar :)

  4. The midnight kisses are adorable! Maybe even better than the real thing hah. Happy 2015! :)

  5. It sounds like your NYE is going to be filled with lots of fun and family time! I love the last minute ideas. Thanks for sharing. May God bless your 2015 beyond your wildest expectations :)

  6. ohh i want that chocolate fondue! have fun with your family tonight!! (i'll be sneaking off to bed early too!) xo jillian

  7. What great ideas! We're staying in tonight too and still need to get some snacks & treats to enjoy with our champs & rosé. My favorite New Year's Eve was when my boyfriend and I had a staycation in Scottsdale (I grew up in Phoenix but now live in LA), drank sangria all day, and celebrated the ball drop on New York City's time. Getting in bed before midnight & being one of the first people in the city wake up and enjoy a delicious breakfast is one of the best feelings. Happy New Year!!

    xo, K


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