Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Life in Numbers

You know how some people have wordless Wednesday posts?  Basically where they have a blog post of all pictures and no words?  Well, I'm doing the exact opposite... all words, and no photos - a blogger "no-no," but imma do it anyway!

The number of different state bar exams John will have taken after today is over.

The age of my pup come Tuesday... yay, for puppy birthdays!

The age of John come Wednesday... yay, for hubby birthdays!

The number of miles that I drive to and from work every day.

The number of times I snooze my alarm in the morning... legit, four times – it’s bad!

The number of cavities that John has.

The number of cavities that I have – girlfriend cannot. catch. a. break.

The number of piercings I had in my ears at one point... thankfully all have closed (except one in each year).  
It looked pretty amazing. Not.

The number of cream cheese wontons I could eat in a single sitting.

My most favorite chapter of the Bible (Hebrews 11).

The amount of money you can win in the below giveaway with Courtney!


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  1. Enjoy all the birthday upcoming celebrations – what a fun week for your little family, puppy and all! Some days I think I can top your four snoozes, it’s just so hard to get out of bed!

  2. I hear you on the snooze button, I wish I would have never discovered it! Have fun with all the celebrations this upcoming week. I'm on your page with the cavities, I just keep getting told I have soft enamel and thats how it rolls sometimes, not cool.

  3. 3 bar exams?! Happy birthday to him! I'll buy him a drink for that!!!!!!!

  4. 9 piercings!!!! Lord that is a lot of earrings!

  5. cute list! i have a ton of cavities too... h has like one?! ugh. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. So funny that you posted how many cavities john and you have, because I sadly found out I have one today blah!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. I'm doing a study on Hebrews right now so I'm looking forward to getting to chapter 11 :)
    Girlfriend... I'm the same way with teeth problems!!!!
    I think I'm about the same in miles to & from work. UGH! Hate long drives

  8. I too was a victim of the over-piercing, I've let all but 2 in each ear close up but I only wear one set of earrings now :-P

  9. Fun list - and I can't picture you with the 9 piercings, haha! Also, thanks for co-hosting this great giveaway :)

  10. 55 mile commute?!!? Girl...I hate that for you! And I totally hear ya on the snooze button...I swear I'll NEVER be a morning person!

  11. Loved this- it made me laugh a few times-- I feel you on the cavities thing, I blame it on my mega sweet tooth! Hooray for two special birthdays for you this week and John's bar exam being over, I can't imagine one let alone taking three!

  12. Oh I love this idea! Wow, 9 piercings I can't picture it on you. Yay for all the up coming birthdays, you're going to be a busy woman. Crossing my fingers for the giveaway!

  13. Cute post (and screw the blogger rules hah). Yay for so many birthdays this week. Hope it makes that commute a bit better to get to come home to celebrate good guys and puppies ;)

  14. I am a dentist's daughter and I just had my teeth cleaned. I don't want to even talk about it. lol

  15. so cute! happy birthday to john and i am a 100 cream cheese wonton girl, too!

  16. We are the same way with cavities! I have the worst teeth!! I totally feel your pain with the long drive - mine is at least 60 miles round trip.

  17. 55 miles is a long way to drive every day!! But me & my fiance's teeth situation is the exact same… my teeth suck!

  18. OMG!!! I cannot picture you with nine piercings!!! Too funny!! Loved this post.

  19. Super cute post idea!
    I feel you on the cavities. I need to go to the dentist but I'm super dreading it. My boyfriend is the same way with the snooze button, too. It drives me crazy - I set one alarm on my fitbit and get the heck outta bed.
    I've had 11 various piercings in my ears through the years but now I'm down to 9. What can I say, I like piercings. :)


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