Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quinoa and Lentil Patties

A girl can only eat so much chicken.  

I mean really, now that John and I are eating dinners at home, I think I've really over done it on the baked chicken.  To switch things up, I started looking for a new dinner recipe (since I have about 4 recipes that I rotate every week...), and meat just didn't seem appetizing. 

I started looking for a good meat-free dinner option that would still be full of protein
...and then, I found these quinoa and lentil patties!

Mind you, these are actually called "quinoa and lentil burgers", but as soon as the word "burger" was put into play, John couldn't move past the fact that these weren't "real" burgers.  So, in order to get him to eat it, I had to rename them to "patties" as to not appear as though I was attempting to simulate an actual burger patty (veggie burger).

These bad boys have tons of flavor, and I was honestly shocked at how much I (and John!) enjoyed them!  They aren't super pretty, but just give them a shot, and I promise you will be impressed!

Simply combine the following ingredients in a bowl and mix!

- 1 cup of cooked quinoa
- 1 cup of cooked lentils
- 1/3 cup of rolled oats
- 1/4 cup of bread crumbs
- 1/4 cup of sauteed onions
- 1/4 cup of flower
- 1 4oz can of green chiles
- 2 tsps of cornstarch 
- 1 tsp of paprika
- 1/2 tsp of garlic powder
- 1/2 tsp of cumin
- 1 tbs of olive oil
- salt and pepper, to taste

 Using the mixture, form 4 equal size patties; make sure they are pressed together well so that they don't fall apart when cooking.  

They may seem a bit dry, but don't add any additional liquid - just go with it... they will be perfect!

 Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet, and cook each patty until brown on both sides (about 8 minutes total).

 Clearly, I didn't choose the best side to photograph... don't you hate that?!! 
And of course they are completely eaten before I realize that I should take a different photo.

 They look a little crispy, but let me tell you, they were quite tasty!

Serve the burgers with a honey dijon mustard.

Combine 2 tbs of dijon mustard with 3 tsp of honey.  
It is so tasty... like, "spread this on everything I can think of" kind of tasty!

Serve on a burger bun, or if you're like me, with a bed of greens!

This recipe is such a great switch-up from our normal meals.
I'm sure John wouldn't go for them every night (the man loves his meat), 
but they are a great compromise for when we are craving something a little different!


  1. I have a bag of lentils taking up some prime real estate in my cupboard, and I LOVE quinoa so maybe I need to give these bad boys a try! If john loved them, maybe Caleb will too? ;) worth a shot!

  2. Gary would definitely be all over this - he loves meals like this! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. yum definitely making these! I love lentils!

  4. Yum! I love lentils. Have you tried lentil chili? It's tasty too!

  5. These looks so good and filling. Love your silverware!

  6. Those look and sound delicious! I would love to make these and hope that Chris will eat them. Husbands. Sigh. haha. I hear ya on the chicken thing too. We eat a lot of chicken and I get so sick of it. Thank you so much for sharing!! :-)

  7. you are just killing it in the kitchen with these recipes!! i love the zucchini/sweet potatoes so i'm sure i'll love this!

  8. Mmmm I want to try this! I'm also slowly getting sick of our routine dinner. Love your gold cutlery! So pretty.

  9. I overdo it on the baked or grilled chicken as well, so these would be a fabulous change in our healthy eating routine! They look delish :-D

  10. We put chicken in a lot of our meals too, mostly pasta dishes. This looks great! :)

  11. You can imagine how much a girl who is a vegetarian can eat on repeat.. .ugh..
    love the new ideas you are giving me!

  12. These look really good! We've been experimenting with different bean and lentil salads, but sometimes you just want something hot. And you're right about too much baked chicken. I'll have to try these!

  13. I have been obsessed with black bean burgers and this sounds similar-- plus I love lentils so I'm sure this would be delicious!

  14. If I stuck a Cheetoh in the middle my hubs might eat it. Hahaha. I on the other hand MUST make this at least for myself haha. Your photos make it even more delicious. YUM! :)

  15. This looks so good! We've been talking lately about doing meatless mondays so I think this will definitely be one to try :) Lucy x

  16. I'm with you 100% I don't always want chicken or beef or seafood. This a great dinner option that I cannot wait to test out...Happy Thursday :)


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