Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I figured it would be a good time to put together a last minute gift guide!  My daddio’s gift is already in the mail, and will hopefully be delivered by Sunday, but either way, it’s the thought that counts, right?! (My husband would disagree with this - real thought shows forethought... oi!).

If you haven’t already purchased a gift, here’s a quick guide of five items that were on my radar.

Peter Millar Shirt 
These shirts are great for running around town, playing tennis or golf, or hanging around home – basically, it’s the perfect weekend shirt!  And, according to my fashionista husband, the 3 buttons with the sleeve trims that blend into the shirt are totally in right now.

Office Décor 
People spend so much time at work, and you can never have too much personality in your office (okay, yes you can... stuffed animals? Not into them… at home or at work – yet they seem to be a pretty popular office accessory everywhere I go... I just don’t get it).  Anyway, I’m more of a picture frame kinda girl.  Which, if you ask me, is a pretty perfect office accessory for Father’s Day!

Did you know that you can order nice meat online and have it delivered? Because you can
And if your dad likes to grill, then this may be a pretty perfect gift.  First, who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? And Secondly, who doesn’t love steak and summer grilling?  When you combine the two, it basically becomes the best gift ever.  The man’s version of flowers!

Sporting Tickets 
Unfortunately I don’t live near my dad (otherwise this would always be my go-to gift), but if you do live nearby, buy you and your dad tickets to a baseball game (or some other event that he would enjoy... concert, golf tournament, etc.).  I have a lot of fond memories going to baseball games with my dad when growing up, so this would be a fun way to continue the tradition!  As they say, experiences (and memories) are more precious than possessions.

Home Depot Gift Card 
 Okay, call this unoriginal if you’d like, but if you ask me, this is a pretty practical gift... and I don’t know about your dad, but mine’s a pretty practical guy.  Not to mention gift cards are like the gift that keeps on giving – you get to be excited when you open it, and you get to be excited when you use it.  Can’t go wrong with that!

No matter what you get your dad, I am sure he will love it... That’s what so great about them!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! 
I am so thankful to have you in my life.  You’ve provided such a great example of Godliness, selflessness, and hard work... thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me.  
Love you!


  1. Steaks are definitely by far the best Father's Day gift ever! I don't know what man doesn't enjoy a nice steak... well maybe a vegetarian but still. Haha! Love those shirts too!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. My husband has the mint green and navy blue Peter Millar shirt and he is obsessed with them! Says they are the most comfortable shirts he owns! The steak idea is awesome, that would definitely be a hit. Keeping that in mind for next year.

  3. Those shirts sound really nice, I'll have to check them out. I already ordered something for my dad but maybe I'll add something else. Thank you for sharing and love all of those pictures! :-)

  4. Aw love the old photos!! I wish I could take my Dad to a baseball game too! No fun being far away, but that steak idea is great for a dad who likes to grill!

  5. Great ideas!! I'm always clueless when it comes to Father's Day gifts. Love the idea of sending steaks!

  6. Buying for my dad is always the hardest because he doesn't want a lot of stuff, but the steaks idea is such a good one!

  7. Sporting event tickets and steaks are always a homerun with my dad, he and my grandfather are the reasons I'm such a die-hard Yankees fan! And the man sure loves to be outside grilling.

    Great picks girl! And loving the pics of you and your dad :)

  8. This is a great gift guide - I didn't know you can order steaks online. I am going to have to read more about that!

  9. I love your dedication to your Dad and all of the photos! That was priceless! Also, the steaks are a great idea for guys. I've never thought of that, but definitely need to try that in the future.

  10. Aw what cute photos! A Home Depot (or something comparable) gift card is totally a winning idea. I love how the sell the ones that look like the metal toolbox material ;)

  11. pretty sure my dad would love the steaks! and H would love the home depot gift card :) we have sooo many house projects to tackle. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  12. You always have great gift guides and how-to posts! I love the Home Depot gift card. we got my Dad something already but I'd like something else to "spice up" the gift!!

  13. Such great ideas! I never think to give steaks as a gift but I do believe my dad would like that!
    xo Southern Style

  14. Love the Sporting Tickets idea!!



  15. What great ideas! Love everything you have listed here! xo

  16. Peter Millar is a great idea!! I've been trying to figure out what to get my dad - he's a golfer, so PM would be perfect!

  17. "Real thought shows forethought" ..seriously?! Are our husbands a set of separated twins?!

  18. I got my boyfriend an Omaha Steak box one year for Valentine's Day and he said it was the most romantic gift he's ever gotten LOL. You're right steak is the way to their heart!

  19. I normally make my dad a gift basket with small things that I know he likes (i.e. white chocolate) because he can be difficult to shop for. I think he would like those steaks, though!

  20. baseball tickets are our go-to gift for my father in law. he loves it!!


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