Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Berry Crumble Ice Cream

My very first real job was at an ice cream store... and let me tell you, I was kind of an ice cream prodigy.  I even promoted myself to a manager position during my third summer of working there; there really wasn't a formal promotion process, but I just one day started calling myself a manager and everyone went along with it... basically, I was a pretty big deal. ;)

And my love for ice cream hasn't waned since.  

Anyway, my mom recently sent me this cookbook, and as soon as I saw the homemade berry crumble ice cream (which didn't require an ice cream machine), I knew I had to try it!

With crock pots, pressure cookers, kitchen aid mixers, roasting pans, blenders, juicers, etc.... who has room for an ice cream maker?! Well fear not, you are not sacrificing a thing with this stuff - creamy and flavorful... and absolutely delicious!

For the ice cream:
- 2.5 cups of heavy cream
- 1 cup of condensed milk
- 1 tsp of vanilla extract

For the berries:
- 2.5 cups of berries
- 2 tbs of sugar

For the crumbles:
- 1 cup of flour
- 4 tbs of unsalted butter
- 2 tbs of sugar
- A pinch of salt

How to:

Pour the cream and vanilla extract into a mixing bowl and whip until thick, but not stiff... you'll need to give it some time - it takes a while to thicken up!

Once the cream is whipped, fold in the condensed milk; do your best to keep the cream fluffy.
Pour the mixture into a freezer proof container, cover, and freeze for 3 hours.

To make the berry sauce, put the berries and sugar into a pan over medium heat, and heat the berries until they are soft and juicy.  Set aside and let fully cool.

To make the crumble topping, mix the salt and flour together and cut in the butter (make sure the butter is very cold!).  Using your hands, rub the butter into the flour until it is fully incorporated and crumbly. 

Mix the sugar into the flour and butter mixture and bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees, stirring half way through.

After freezing the ice cream for 3 hours, stir in the berry mixture and top with the toasted crumbles.  Make sure the berries and crumbles are fully cooled before doing so!!

Finally, freeze the ice cream for an additional 4 hours, or until hardened... then enjoy!

This stuff is the bomb dot com, and I promise that you'll love it.  
I'm already thinking up new flavor combinations... like chocolate chips and bananas!


  1. Omg!!! This looks and sounds amazing! Going to make this the next time we have company!

  2. This sounds AMAZING! And ice cream that you don't need an ice cream machine for? Sold!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. OMG. AMAZING!!!!! I tried to work at an ice cream store once... I lasted two days. :-/ clearly, I should have sucked it up because you have skills!!

  4. holy cow mouth watering. this would be perfect for me to make at the beach this weekend!

  5. Oh wow! This is a game changer! I've tried using an icecream machine before and honestly never had great results.

  6. Yummmm! I can't wait to try this! My first job was at an ice cream shop, too and it was still my favorite one to this day!!

  7. Oh wow - this looks so delicious and refreshing!! I could go for some of this in this heatwave we've been having!

  8. Oh, the possibilities in making your own ice cream!!!!

  9. Yum, this looks soooo good! We have a little tiny soft serve maker, but I want to experiment with more flavors. I love the addition of the crumble!

  10. This looks delicious and so easy!! Gone are the days when you had to make homemade ice cream by shaking a bag full of rock salt ;)

  11. This looks soooo delicious!!! I love that you don't need a fancy ice cream machine and that it's from scratch! Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. Whoa! This looks amazing! Homemade ice cream is on our summer bucket list - might have to try this recipe! Awesome!

  13. Haha I love how you became a manager! Your ice cream looks so delicious :)

  14. Who knew you don't need an ice cream machine to make ice cream! Thank you!!!

  15. Holy deliciousness! How fun that you used to work in an ice cream shop!

  16. YUM! Love how easy this is... and it looks SO good!

  17. I have an ice cream maker and I've been making wayy too many concoctions this summer. This looks amaaazing, and super easy for those who don't have room for the extra appliance!

  18. OMG THIS LOOKS AMAZING! And not too difficult! I love the pretty swirls it makes. I am pretty much obsessed with anything frozen right now. And seriously, who has an ice cream maker just laying around!? lol!

    x. Morgan / www.morningappleblog.com

  19. Oh my goodness, that looks so delicious. I don't know why I've never tried to make home made ice-cream before, but I'm definitely trying your recipe. Thanks for sharing it... :)

  20. You had me at ice cream! YUM! Pinning this now.
    xo Southern Style

  21. Ahhh this looks amazing! I don't know if I'd be able to wait to let it harden all of the way. Yum!

  22. This looks really good. I absolutely love that you don't need an ice cream maker!!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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