Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Hometown Tourist Destinations

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited for the 3 day weekend - whoohoo for Labor Day!

John and I have a lot on the agenda... We will be heading to Zion National Park and are throwing in a little excursion to Las Vegas on the way up.

John and I love exploring our area and road tripping the nearby regions.  
Being a tourist in your own state is a great way to travel and explore, while keeping things affordable.  If you find yourself traveling to Arizona, here are five of our favorite "local" attractions.

ONE  |  Sedona

It doesn't get more beautiful than Sedona... the red rocks with the blue skies are absolutely amazing.  There's lot to explore and a cute little downtown area with interesting and unique shops.

TWO  |  The Grand Canyon

I swear, I could go to the Grand Canyon once a week and never get sick of it... there is a reason that it is one of the seven wonders of the natural world!

THREE  |  Go Hiking

Before moving to Arizona, I pictured the state to be very flat and sandy; and while it is indeed sandy, it is certainly not flat.  There are different mountain parks which surround Phoenix, making it a great location for day hikes.

FOUR  |  Spring Training Game

And although it's seasonal, if you come to Arizona in the Spring, you need to check out a Spring training game.  The weather is beautiful, the parks are clean, and it's fun to watch your home team in the off season. My favorite park is Salt River Fields in Scottsdale.

FIVE  |  Mexican Food

No trip to Arizona would be complete without some delicious food... tacos, to be exact! Sonoran tacos are the thingggg, and John is obsessed (fun fact: Sonora is the Mexican state directly below Arizona). 

What are your hometown secrets?!


  1. You live in an incredibly gorgeous area! Good for you for not missing out on it. I have always wanted to go to Sedona! Have fun this weekend!

  2. WOWZAH i cant get over how beautiful sedona is! i really need to visit. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. The pictures of you guys and Scout in the desert don't even look real. The are magnificent!

  4. I would love to visit this part of the country. preferably in the spring to catch some baseball!

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous. So jealous you're going to Zion! I feel like we are travel soul sisters. :) You're always going places on my bucket list or places we've been to! Have a great trip!

  6. Dying to visit your state! My favorite thing about NC is being 2 hours from the ocean and 4 hours from the mountains, with lakes and big cities in-between! Now I think you need to come visit NC ;)

  7. Love this post idea! Such great pictures too!

  8. Love the pictures of you at the Grand Canyon, but the one with you sitting on the rock so close to the edge almost gave me a heart attack;)

  9. I LOVE love lovveeeeee seeing all your adventure pics!!!! The Grand Canyon looks unreal. Can't wait to visit the west someday!

  10. This is great! I did a similar post on 36 hours in Raleigh, but will definitely do somethng similar soon! So wanting to come visit Arizona! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  11. Ummm yeah. I thought the same thing about Arizona being flat and sandy, until I got OWNED by Dove Mountain hiking!! It was really beautiful though!

  12. Arizona has stunning landscapes! The Grand Canyon is definitely on my bucket list!

  13. Visiting Arizona is high on our list and I can't wait to visit one day! Thomas has an Army buddy who lives there that will be a nice personal tour guide :)

  14. Ahh, I love this list! We are DYING to go to Sedona. I mean, how could we not with those views? What are your favorite day hikes around Phoenix? We went to Saguaro Lake this weekend and it was beautiful!


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