Thursday, September 10, 2015

DSLR Accessories

I'm finally getting more and more comfortable with my DSLR, big-girl camera.  
I still default to my iPhone when I need a photo in a pinch, but I am getting used to the process of taking photos, uploading them to my computer, and then sharing them.  

I'm no camera expert (if you're looking for one, go chat up pretty much any other blogger... like Sara, Kayla, or Brittany!), but here are some of the accessories that have helped me through my newbie stage.

Must have camera accessories

A tripod  |  I never expected to need or use a tripod, but surprisingly enough, I have used it on several occasions - and most recently, for this post!  It also works great for night shots, but that's way beyond my pay grade...

When choosing a tripod, make sure you pick one that can support your camera and lens - the last thing you need is your camera tipping over and hitting the ground!

A remote  |  There are all types of remotes available, but I bought this one that I really like. 

Basically, you download an app on your phone, and you can see the camera's viewfinder from your phone and use the phone as the remote.  It works great - especially if you're looking to take a self portrait!

A lens cap leash  |  Truly, it only took me one week to loose my lens cap. To avoid buying a new one, invest in a leash.

A new lens  |  When I first got my camera I was super excited to take uh-mazing photos (famous last words, right?).  Unfortunately, not only did I have no clue how to use my camera, but I also didn't have the type of lens that I needed (thank you, Sara for this realization!).  If you're looking to take those super cool pictures with the blurred/fuzzy backgrounds (technical, I know), you'll want to buy a lens that has at least an f/1.8.

Before purchasing the lens, I rented it through to make sure that I liked it.

A camera book  |  This may seem silly since your camera comes with a manual, but I bought this camera book (which is specific to my camera model), and it was super helpful in figuring out how to shoot in the semi-manual and manual mode.  It's much less technical than the camera manual and has very useful pictures.

I also bought the same brand of book (From Snapshots to Great Shots) specifically about food photography - I love it!

A good memory card  |  Not all camera memory cards are made equal (and you best believe this was a very frustrating process for me to realize).  When I first got my camera, I just had to have an Eyefi card... well, save your money, because it is the worst memory card ever for so many reasons, but one of them being the picture write speed.  When using the Eyefi card, my camera was constantly freezing when taking photos and trying to view them.

Do yourself a favor and get a memory card with a good write speed for your camera.

An extra battery  |  I'm pretty terrible at remembering to charge my camera battery.  And, without fail, whenever I am looking to use the camera, the battery always seems to be running low.  With an extra battery, you'll always have a backup (just make sure to have one charged!).


What are your favorite DSLR accessories?!


  1. Lens caps are so awesome! I have one for my camera because I am always nervous sand is going to get into the lens when I bring it on the beach! x, kenz

  2. Yes to all of these! I felt the same way about my lens when I got my camera and it took me several months to realize I needed a better lens and now I love it! The same goes for my tripod although I don't use that as often.
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I bought a lighting kit that has really helped with photos!! I need to get another lens but get lazy lol!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. definitely need to buy that book. I took a photography class a couple years ago and never had time to practice so I forgot everything! still struggle with ISO, shutter speed, etc. but getting a tad better!

  5. I'm still a newbie with mine too and slowly learning. I'd love to take a course on it

  6. I definitely don't think I'm an expert by any means either, but thanks for the shout out! I wish I used my camera more often to get good at it. And I am dying for a 50 mm lens!! Your pictures always look fabulous! So glad that book helped you too.

  7. I have all of these but a lens cap lease is kind of brilliant!!

  8. great list! i really want to get a remote! it'd make taking group pics or pics of violet with the tripod so much easier. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. How did I not know of That is a GREAT find!

  10. I just bought a remote that I'm excited to try!
    xo Southern Style

  11. I just added a leash to my list last week! How do you like the remote?

  12. A remote would be so handy! Like a professional selfie stick! haha

  13. AWWW. You are so sweet. Thank you for the shout outs in the post!! I couldn't agree more about the tripod... I'm sad that your eye-fi card didn't work out - I've been thinking about one, but I'll save my money!! I went to my nephew's football game last week and I'm currently longing for a new lens... because my lenses aren't doing the trick.


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