Wednesday, December 16, 2015

6 Must See Documentaries

John and I have been on a documentary binge lately. I partially blame the fact that there just aren't any good movies to watch (any recommendations?), but the truth is, I could watch a documentary on just about anything and find it interesting.

I've rounded up six of our recent favorites (I was going to do 5, but I just couldn't figure out which one to cut!). So grab a glass of wine, curl up on the couch, and documentary away!


Antarctica: A Year on Ice

This documentary was my personal favorite of all of the ones on this list. 
It reviews a year of life on Antarctica. It is important to review the full year since life is so different amongst "seasons." After a certain time of year, no one can come or leave the continent due to the weather, and in the winter, it is basically night time 24 hours a day (I would die!). 

The people were interesting, the scenery was beautiful (those Southern lights - incredible!), and quite honestly, I now want to go to Antarctica (in the summer, that is...)!


This documentary was John's favorite on this list (in fact, last night he said that he wished he could un-watch it and watch it again... Yes, I know). Unbranded is about a trip of recent college graduates on wild mustangs from Mexico to Canada. I'm pretty sure if John wasn't a lawyer, he would have wanted to do something similar.

It was a great adventure documentary, and although I wasn't super into the storyline, I very much enjoyed the cinematography of the western landscape - it was very well done!

180 Degrees South

This documentary was 50% crunchy granola and 50% adventure; it featured the founders of Patagonia and North Face, and sadly enough, the founder of North Face recently died in a kayaking accident. I really enjoyed hearing the stories of how the companies started, what the founders are doing now, and the connections between the companies.

After watching this documentary, John and I decided that we must go to Patagonia. Like ASAP - we were drooling over the scenery!

Inside Job

Okay, so, this documentary wasn't the most entertaining movie, but it was super educational about the recent financial crisis. I'm not kidding, the movie is not quite two hours long, but it took us about twice as long to get through the whole thing because I paused it so many times to ask questions. Overall, I am super happy I watched it, and quite honestly, I found the whole thing very interesting.

This documentary will also be a good one to watch before seeing The Big Short in theaters.


My aunt recommended this documentary to me and John, and I really enjoyed it. Meru is about 3 men who attempt to big-rock climb the Shark's Fin on Mount Meru (which is basically the Everest of mountain climbing). I have always been into Mt. Everest documentaries, and this had a very similar feel but was with a new story line. 

There were some brutal moments (so don't come into it with a weak stomach), but I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes Everest-style documentaries.

Big Men

I was a little unsure of this documentary when John first suggested it, but honestly, I ended up really enjoying it. Big Men is about the oil industry in Ghana, and I thought the makers of the documentary did a pretty good job showing the situation from the side of local people, but also the side from the oil companies.

I have seen a few other similar documentaries (on the topic of drilling oil), but still quite enjoyed watching this one.

Have you seen any documentaries lately? Send me your recommendations, please!


  1. Somme is interesting and on Neflix! It follows the process to become a Sommelier... and The Education of Shelby Knox, which was shot in my college town and while I was in college.

  2. I haven't seen any of these so thank you for the recommendations!

  3. I pretty much only watch Docs too! Have you seen Living on One Dollar? It's really good!

  4. I go through phases with Documentaries, but now I want to watch all of these! Inside Job sounds so interesting!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these! I am so interested in some of these topics.

  6. I am such a documentary nerd, I now want to see all of these

  7. I will definitely have to check these out!

  8. I love documentaries and you have me dying to see the one about Antarctica. Are they on Netflix or where did y'all find them?!

  9. I love documentaries! We love Mugabe and the White African, Born to Be Wild, Jerusalem, and As We Forgive.

  10. We have Monday Night Documentary nights at our house and I think this will keep us pretty booked for the next six weeks! The North Face and Antarctica films look especially interesting! I appreciate you sharing this list!

  11. This is really really great. I've been wanting to watch some good documentaries. We seriously can't find any good movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu lately. Thanks for the info! And I didn't know the founder of North Face died. So sad :(

  12. I love documentaries! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh yay !!! Thanks for sharing. I love watching documentaries. :)


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