Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's Christmas Timeee!

John's parents were in town this weekend, and I don't know if it is all of the family time we've had lately, or if it's because of all of the Christmas lights outside (Texans sure do Christmas right!), but it feels like the holidays are in full force - and I absolutely love it!! 

Here's a quick peek of what we've been up to lately!


So, the weekend started with a little emergency incident involving Scout... the sweet girl ate a pack of sugar free gum with xylitol. Thankfully, John walked in on her eating it (otherwise we may have never known what happened!); we had to rush her to the emergency pet hospital and keep her there overnight. She was a sad puppy the next morning when we picked her up, but thankfully she's okay.

So a little PSA for all pup owners: if you have sugar-free gum in your purse (or sugar-free anything, for that matter!), keep your purse zipped up...

John's parents were in town this weekend, and we had a great time exploring the River Walk. The River Walk is completely decorated for Christmas with lights, luminarias, carolers - it's beautiful!

After a delicious dinner at Boudros, we had some ice cream (which is totally acceptable in December in Texas!) and walked around downtown to enjoy all of the scenery. If you ask me, there was definitely a Christmas "buzz" in the air!

And no visit to the River Walk is complete without seeing the Alamo (which looks tiny next to the ginormous tree!).

Saturday morning we headed to Fredericksburg, which is a super cute German town. I'm tellin' ya - Texas does Christmas right... the little town had all sorts of German Christmas decorations - including a giant Christmas pyramid. I plan to head back one more time before Christmas just to explore a bit more.

And of course, the afternoon wouldn't be complete without another serving of ice cream. :)

Saturday evening we went to dinner at La Fonda on Main and then went to the Spurs game with John's dad. It has been awhile since I have been to a professional basketball game, and the stadium was packed and loud - Spurs' fans loveee the Spurs!

We had great seats and a ton of fun... we're definitely planning to go to another game soon! 

John's parents gifted us a new coffee table for Christmas, and let me tell you, piece-by-piece, our house is becoming a home... and just in time for the holidays! Couldn't help but have a happy heart with a Christmas-decoration-filled home, a fire going, and a pup-dog relaxing!

The weekend ended right where it started... dinner on the River Walk! This time at Acenar; we dined outside and enjoyed delicious Mexican food - doesn't get much better than that! We are so thankful for family time during the holidays, and are looking forward to more get togethers soon!


  1. Hooray for all of the ice cream and the amazing German town! I've never been to San Antonio, but would definitely love to go to see the river walk and the Alamo! So lucky you can go now anytime! Also, I'm glad Scout is okay-- no more xylitol for her! :) Your home is looking gorgeous, btw!! :):):)

  2. Wow!! You did so many fun things and ate at so many great restaurants! I'm so glad you made it to Fredericksburg too :) Isn't it great?! So I'm trying to decide where Kevin and I should go to dinner for my birthday. I was thinking Boudro's, but how was Acenar? Which was better? I haven't been to either.

  3. Oh no! I'm glad your pup is ok! That happened to my in-law's dog and she had to stay overnight, too. Never a fun situation.
    I'm glad the rest of the weekend was filled with more fun things!

  4. Oh no! So sorry that happened, but happy to hear that your pup is doing well! I love that coffee table. What an amazing gift!

    Sara Kate Styling

  5. Your house is beautiful! Poor Scout… so glad she was ok!! Merry Christmas friend!

  6. Love your decorations!! Everything looks so cute!

    Glad Scout is okay, that is scary :(

  7. Poor Scout! Glad John caught her so you could get her to the vet! I love how Christmas-y everything around you is - it makes everything more magical :) I'm loving your living room!! You're going to need to do a house tour soon

  8. Ohhhhh... sorry to hear about Scout! :( Glad he's okay!! You had AWESOME seats at the Spur's game, and I love the coffee table your in-laws gave you.

  9. Poor scout! Enjoy John's parents and your home is beautiful!

  10. Loving all the ice cream but poor scout! The family dachshund would always eat gum out of my backpack as a kid. Even with it zipped. He was a troublemaker. Lizzy took a turkey carcass out of the trash can once as well haha. But that we heard right when she did it. Dogs!

  11. The house looks AMAZING!! Yay!! San Antonio is so gorgeous during this time of year!!! I love all the lights!!


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