Tuesday, July 19, 2016

25 Week Bump Update

Time has been flying, and I can hardly believe how quickly - I swear, I blink and another week has passed! Here's a quick 25 week bump update!

How far along are you? 
I am officially 25 weeks pregnant! It's really crazy to me to think that I have been pregnant for about 6 months now... time is flying, I'm almost in the third trimester, and there are only 15 weeks left! 

Although I am well over half-way done baking this babe, we just recently got around to sending out our pregnancy announcements in the mail - so just in case it wasn't official before, it's officially official now!

Size of baby? 
The baby is about the size of a head of cauliflower! 

As the weeks go by and my belly is getting bigger, Scout has to work a little harder for cuddle room... she makes it work, but I can certainly tell that she is wondering where the heck this cauliflower belly came from!

Tons - I feel like I have an alien rolling around inside of me, ha! But I have been totally loving all of his kicks and jabs. :)

Still super blurry vision... I'm not used to not being able to see things, and it is the weirdest thing ever! And I'm still hot all the time when I am sleeping... the AC needs to be low, low, low or I will absolutely die - dramatic, I know, but it's true!

Sleep is okay... I have been waking up in the middle of the night, and I am absolutely unable to fall back asleep. I've found that I can go back to sleep a little bit easier if I go sleep on the couch or in the guest bedroom, because otherwise, I will literally lie awake until it is time to get up for the day.

Baby boy! I was recently gifted four boxes of baby clothes (which was perhaps the single most helpful thing EVER... praise God for hand-me-downs!), and the boxes are filled with football, dinosaur, and truck onesies - all things boy and I love them all!

Nothing really! I was just talking with a few ladies about this - let's be real, are pregnancy cravings even a real thing?! I mean, sure, sometimes I really crave Chick-fil-a or cool ranch Doritos, but I don't really think that has anything to do with me being pregnant...!

Maternity clothes? 
Yes! I don't have a ton of clothes, but my sweet friend from my church community group lent me a few dresses and a couple pairs of pants which have been total life savers for me - especially for wearing into the office for work!

It's gotten to the point where I can still wear non-maternity items, but they are quite unflattering... so unless I'm just hanging out around the house, I much prefer a maternity item.

Missing most? 
Mostly just different types of food that I am not supposed to be eating. If I'm going to be honest, I am actually not all that concerned about deli meat, non-pasteurized cheeses, raw juices, etc... They've never gotten me sick before, so I feel like the chances of them getting me sick now are quite low. 

BUT, my sweet husband, on the other hand... he gives me all sorts of side eye if I even mention the thought of a deli sandwich!!! He follows the rules, and insists that I do to... but can't a girl just eat a turkey sandwich?! If you know my husband, you know that this is so him... But this is one of the many reasons I love him. Gold star dad award, for sure. :)

Aside from making sure that I follow all of the pregnancy rules, he is as sweet as can be! He recently added a baby hiking backpack to our registry so he can take the babe fly fishing with him and on adventures (which makes my momma heart melt!).

Complete disarray! But we have a vision, and that's the first step, right?

I found a tutorial for a board and batten on Pinterest, and it required you to pull off the trim from the wall... and let me tell you, after pulling the trim off the wall, I started to get a little concerned about needing some professional intervention getting the room back to normal. We will see how it goes... but please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Although the nursery is a bit of a mess, we are already getting things/gifts to fill it, which makes the whole process super fun to envision the end result... yay, for baby gear!! :)

Best part of the week? 
Last week was the first time that I had a stranger approach me about being pregnant... and I totally loved it - in fact, it was the best part of my week! I am always asking John whether or not it is clear that I am pregnant or whether I could just be looking pudgy, and it was nice to have a non-invested person assume that I was pregnant and talk to me about it.

Looking forward to? 
Feeling set up... I am in Arizona for work this week and then immediately leave for a bridal shower in Michigan afterwards. We have been traveling so much and have been quite busy with life that we really haven't done a whole lot in terms of baby prep.

I am sure this is just my nesting instincts kicking in, but I really just want things to be in order so we can relax and enjoy the process a bit more! All in time, right? :)

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  1. You are looking great girl! Love the announcements!!

  2. Sounds like things are going super well for you & baby! Hope that they continue to go well for y'all :)

  3. You are glowing, gal and you couldn't be any cuter with that bump!! Love the bump dates and you are going to love being a boy mom!!! xoxo-Home of Malones

  4. I never worried about deli meat during my pregnancies either. An OB told me that his wife ate deli meat every day of her pregnancies and was fine. He said just eat from a reputable company and nothing past expiration.

  5. You look beautiful!! I'm sure the nursery will come out great, don't stress! :) My OB also said deli meat was okay after the first trimester if you get it from a reputable company too if that helps!

  6. Looking good, mama! My OB gives me a pretty small list of things I can't eat (really just undercooked foods, sushi, and deli meats). Of course, of all the things, I am just dying for deli meat. And I'm a rule follower, haha. You better believe I'm ordering a sub as soon as this baby arrives!! Can't wait to see the nursery!

  7. You look amazing! Time/pregnancy really does fly by - soak it all up, mama! And I didn't have any real cravings until the very end when I COULD NOT get enough of slushies!! So random, ha! Can't wait to see the sweet nursery come together!

  8. You look so great! Love that dress.

  9. You are so stinkin' cute! :)

    Amen to the cravings thing...I don't think they're real either haha :)

    Also, if you guys happen to be in the market for a new mattress, I totally recommend a Purple. I've been sleeping SO MUCH BETTER since we got ours. Like, pregnant women never sleep that well, but I'm 29 weeks and sleeping just fine!

    And I have been the worst with eating things I'm not supposed to...Like raw cookie dough and over-easy eggs. So as long as my babe turns out okay, I'm just going to assume that everyone worries too much about what you can/can't eat while pregnant. And if something goes wrong...well then feel free to give me the worst mom ever award haha :'D

  10. You're looking great Lisa! I love the baby announcement cards :)

  11. You are seriously the cutest little mama. Your baby announcements are super cute. Can't believe you're more than halfway there.

  12. you have the CUTEST bump and i love those announcements! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. I loved your announcement! So cute!! And I still need to make it to that park! You're too funny with the sandwich thing...I'd be the same way. The other day I was trying think of why they're bad...I know there's a reason but I didn't know. Haha. And yeah I crave Chick-fil-a and I'm totally not pregnant! :-p

  14. This sounds like such a great pregnancy for you! I crave Chick-Fil-A all the time and am 110% NOT pregnant, I think it is just that good ;) Your announcement is adorable.

  15. Look at that adorable baby bump!! How amazing that you got boxes of boy clothes.. That is awesome!!! Can't wait for baby Pray to make his debut!

  16. You look so precious! Love the announcement! And how cute is that baby hiking backpack? xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  17. LISA. YOU LOOK AMAZING. I just can't with you. You've got the most amazing glow!!! Those announcements are so sweet too! Can't wait to see the final nursery! The wall color looks gorgeous!

  18. So fun! Sounds like things are just fabulous. It makes me laugh that some docs give food 'rules'. My doc never has, and she's been pregnant each time I have been. She just rolls her eyes and says do what I want, but that that she doesn't think it's necessary one bit. Gotta do what makes you feel comfy, and I think that's probably all that matters. :)

  19. You look so adorable pregnant! I'm the same way about being hot when I'm sleeping (only while pregnant)! Holy moly clothes for the baby! That is great! Looking forward to seeing more nursery progress! And bump pics! ;)


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