Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Shower for Baby Pray!

My sweet friends from church recently threw me a baby shower to celebrate the coming arrival of baby Pray and it was such a sweet weekend that I won't soon forget!

My mom flew into Texas for the weekend (for the shower), and it was great to spend a few extra days with her; it really extended the celebration over several days which made it very special. We did some outlet mall shopping, grocery shopping (gotta take advantage of her Costco card!), made some freezer meals, ate delicious food, and hung out around the house talking baby.

On Friday evening my mom and I met John at his work and went to a delicious dinner on the River Walk at Boudro's. It was fun to show off San Antonio in the summer (as the last time she visited it was winter). It was certainly hot, but definitely worth venturing out.

The baby shower was on Sunday afternoon, and was hosted by the gals in my church community group - two others of which are also pregnant (and one of which I share the exact same due date with... how fun is that?!). All of these women are such a blessing in my life, and I feel so thankful for the friendships that I have formed with each of them. 

My mom recently broke her wrist while playing tennis (she even needed surgery!). Although this is obviously a major inconvenience for her, it does mean that she gets to treat herself to frequent blow dry appointments without any guilt! So I made sure to get in on the fun and get a blow dry too - nothing better (especially when you have long hair...)!!

John's mom was also able to join for the shower, and it was very special to have her there all the way from New Mexico.

While we were at the shower, John was busy kayaking, and when he was done, John's mom drove his truck - with the kayaking hanging half off - back to the rental return... how's that for love?!

How darling are these cupcakes? I mean, really... that baby carriage is just too dang cute.

S'more favors... my love for camp fires cannot be matched! John (and I) love the outdoors and can't wait to introduce the new babe to these things too... so these were pretty fitting, if you ask me.

Baby Pray officially has more clothes than I do - and they are all heart meltingly cute. I hope he doesn't grow too quickly so that he can get proper usage out of each of item... either that or I will be changing his clothes several times a day, just to make sure I can get photos in each outfit! ;)

On a side note, it is crazy to me how small some of these baby clothes are - I can't even imagine a baby being so tiny...!!

Doesn't get any cuter. :)

As a thank you for my shower I baked some blue macarons... and let me tell you, they were quite the labor of love! I made a vanilla, cake batter, blueberry cheesecake, and cookies and cream. I threw out just about as many batches as I successfully made, but in the end, it was worth the work!

One of the games that we played was a "He said/She said," and people had to guess whether certain answers to questions were said by John or myself - it was quite fun, but one of John's answers was just too good not to share.

Question: What would be your dream career choice for your baby?

John's answerI want him to pursue excellence and be excited about what he does every day, but I truly don’t care what form that takes. If he flips burgers, I hope and expect that those burgers will be exceedingly tasty.  If he becomes president, I hope and expect that he will bridge the gap between the mainstream political parties and develop and execute real solutions to the myriad problems facing this country. 

If you know my husband in person, you know that this answer is SO him; and I absolutely love every bit of him for it. I, of course, was that terrible parent who actually answered the question and provided a career choice for their unborn child, haha!

I would have to say that my favorite part of the shower was the "wishes for baby" cards. Each person (myself included) filled out a card that could be placed in a baby book (or wherever else!). It was such a sweet thing reading the responses when I got home - this baby is so loved already and is so blessed for the community that he gets to be apart of.

To be honest, when trying to fill out my card, I was quite overcome with emotion of how much this sweet baby means to me already. And signing the card with "mom" was just too much for me to do in public (haha), so I waited until I was at home to complete mine. Referring to myself as "mom" was the first time that I think it truly hit me that I'm going to be a parent soon.

After the shower, we met John back at our home and enjoyed some wine sipping and pizza on the porch for dinner (I, of course, did not partake in the wine sipping!). Our home backs to a green belt, and it is such a nice green space to enjoy - when it isn't too hot out, that is.

And John and I couldn't have out-of-town visitors leave without a trip to the rodeo! There is a local rodeo about 20 minutes from our house, and it's such a fun thing; John and I have been there a few times, and we haven't grown tired of it yet!

It was such a sweet weekend, and let me tell you, going back to "normal" life was a little depressing! I had such a great time thinking all-things-baby and it made me truly excited for the next coming months!


  1. This is the sweetest shower!! Love those wishes for baby cards... and John's answer. He and my husband would get along great! Your mom looks like your sister!! Awesome genetics there! ;)

  2. What a beautiful shower-- I love John's answer to the career question. I can't get over the cute little baby clothes & the macarons you made look like they turned out amazing!

  3. This makes me tear up-- what a perfect and sweet shower they threw for you! And how GORGEOUS do you look?!? Mail me some of those macaroons??? :)

  4. Beautiful shower! That diaper "cake" with the bear on a motorcycle is AMAZING!!! You are glowing and looking as beautiful as ever! Can't wait to read more about baby Pray's arrival!!!!

  5. Beautiful! What a fun, special weekend!

  6. What a sweet and beautiful shower to go along with a great weekend!

  7. awe that was so nice of the ladies at your Church to throw you a shower and it was adorable too! You look so cute too!!! I am so ready for my bump to really start showing. Those cupcakes looked so good, I wouldn't have been able to eat one!

  8. What a fun shower! You look amazing and all the details look so adorable.

  9. What a fabulous weekend and a sweet, sweet shower! That answer was so sweet that John said - I'd be the mom to give a job too ;) Those macaroons look so amazing!!

  10. What a gorgeous shower! Your baby bump is so precious! Congratulations!

  11. You look absolutely gorgeous! And your shower just looks perfect.

    Also, your Mom 1000% looks like your sister.

  12. What a beautiful shower! I love that game idea of He said, she said. I haven't seen that before! You look amazing too Mama.

  13. That was so sweet of them! I love the shower games and those macaroons look delicious!

  14. What a beautiful shower!!!! And those macarons--you're incredible!

  15. What a great weekend! The baby shower was beautiful! I love all the details! Way to go on the macaroons!! You look gorgeous as always!

  16. Such a gorgeous shower and the games were SO sweet! Love that your moms were able to come into town for it, too! That little guy will be here before you know it!

  17. those macarons are so beautiful! nice job!

  18. OKAY so your mom definitely looks more like your SISTER, than your mother! Also, John's mom is gorgeous, too! You all have some good genes!! ;) your shower looked amazing. I loved his answer to the career question!

  19. You look great! And your mom's poor wrist! But glad y'all had so much fun! Your macaroons looked great! xx, I'm Fixin' To

  20. Sounds so fun and so sweet! My first baby shower is this weekend and I can't wait! Though I must say, it's much smarter to have them earlier! I have three, and all of them are happening in the ~5 weeks before baby! Hopefully she doesn't debut too early! Ha! :)


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