Tuesday, September 27, 2016

35 Week Bump Update

Well friends, we are on the home stretch... 35 weeks down, and only 5ish to go!

I feel like quite a lot has changed recently, so here's a quick bump update!

How far along are you?
35 weeks!

Size of baby?
According to my What to Expect app the baby is 19-22 inches long and weighs 5.5lbs!

Tons... lots of rolling around - he's running out of space in there! Now that he is quite a bit larger, I can often feel his position within my belly and my whole stomach will shift and move at the same time whenever he moves around... it's crazy to watch!!

Looking forward to?
Seeing everything put together in baby Pray's room! 

Our sweet family friend, Marsha, recently made custom fitted sheets for baby Pray and I couldn't be more in love with them.  Truly, I looked at sheet sets at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Serena and Lily, and many other places, but couldn't find any that I really loved - so this was such a special treat, and I can't wait to see everything put together!

Oh man, I am feeling quite puffy lately. My feet, ankles, hands, and even my face all feel a bit swollen. I swear, if I wear socks for more than 2 minutes I have a water line from the rim of the socks! I was even wearing a shower cap a few days ago and had a mark from the elastic rim around my face - ahh!! 

I recently read that even an easy pregnancy is a marathon... and I couldn't agree more! But hey, I fully recognize that if this is my biggest problem, then I'm doing quite alright. :)

I have been sleeping decently enough, but I have been waking up several times a night to either use the restroom or to flip sides that I'm sleeping on since my hips get sore halfway through the night. Overall, I can't complain too much.

Best moment since last update?
I would have to say our hospital tour! 

The tour made everything feel much more real which is quite exciting. They went over where we will be staying, where to go for check in, and all of the other details we need to know... so here's to hoping we remember it all! :)

Missing most?
Sleeping on my back! And I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to wearing normal clothes again. I realize it may be awhile since I'm fitting into my non-maternity clothes, but even just fitting in my shoes will do (dang swelling!!).

Left to do?
Lots! But thankfully, I have knocked out a good portion of my to-do list!

There is a lot to coordinate when preparing for a baby, and I would like to think I am a very organized person, but man, the list of things to keep track of is long - so checking these items off of my list was a good feeling. FMLA paperwork, short-term disability claims, adding the babe to insurance, interviewing pediatricians, hospital registration, putting gym membership on hold... and on and on!

Scout and Lily?
These two little monkeys don't know what is happening, but they are certainly loving all of the baby gear around the house!

I was recently downstairs and hadn't heard the dogs for awhile, and when I called them to come here, Scout came running down the stairs with a Wubba Nub in her mouth and Lily followed shortly behind with a stuffed rattle in her mouth. Not only that, but Scout has figured out how to open the door to the bedroom where we are keeping all of baby Pray's things, so we have had to tie the door shut to keep them out!! Oy vey... 

Any dog owners have suggestions on how to prevent this? I've heard someone recommend washing the baby toys in Listerine??

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  1. Wow, you are so close! I'm glad your pregnancy is going well for the most part (besides the swelling, that sounds uncomfortable!). Good luck with figuring out a solution for Scout and Lily (:

  2. Wow I can't believe it's already been 35 weeks!

  3. You're almost there!! Can't believe baby Pray will be here so soon!

  4. Baby gates! We already have two because Charlie can open our doors. I suggest the kind that open and close. Just go ahead and put one in the babies door! Also, watch out for the Soothie pacifiers. Our dogs LOVE those and we lost 4 or 5 the week we brought Baker home!

    By the way, you look great! But the swelling gets worse before it gets better! I guess because of all the fluid they pump you full of? I came home a lot more swollen than I anticipated!

  5. I can't believe how close to the end you are - I can't wait until baby Pray is here! Let me know if anything works with the pups - we'll most certainly have that problem when we have little ones.

  6. This is the final stretch! Good luck!

  7. Looking good mama and getting so close! That's so sweet and special that your friend made your sheets! It is a marathon - hang in there! The reward is the best!

  8. I came searching today for your Hunter boot cleaning recipe and holy smokes I am behind on the times! 35 weeks already! How exciting!!!!

  9. lol you had to tie the door shut, that is too funny!

  10. She's making sheets?! How cool is that!!!!!!! LOL at Scout! Already stealing toys from his brother!!

  11. Those sheets are adorable! And look at those sweet pups! You look great! xx, I'm Fixin' To


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