Tuesday, September 13, 2016


It has been a busy, busy two weeks... here's a quick peek into all that we've been up to!


Friday after work John and I met at the Palladium theater for a movie date night! We saw Hell or High Water, and John loved it... I was luke warm - not a total waste of time, but I certainly don't feel the need to ever see it again.

I may have not loved the movie, but I can't help but enjoy some popcorn and theater treats. :)

As everyone is well aware, the pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks! 

Although I don't particularly love the taste of it (am I alone on this one? ...I much prefer the Christmas peppermint mocha!), I couldn't help but indulge in a (small) fall treat... but here in Texas, only pumpkin spice frappuccinos will do since it is still quite warm!

I recently pulled out our fall home decorations and had so much fun cleaning the house (it's true!) and decorating. 

I posted my fall inspiration here, and made sure that everything I put out would be low maintenance, last until Thanksgiving, and be easy to put away (to transition into Christmas)... gotta make things easy with a little babe on the way!

And speaking of fall and seasonal decorations, I couldn't help but feel a little extra excited seeing all of the pumpkins being sold at Trader Joe's. Makes my fall lovin' heart happy!

The weather in Texas is still quite warm, but it has certainly been cooling down - which makes it much more enjoyable to be outside. And this nicer weather meansss... more patio dinners! 

Now if baby Pray can just hurry up and get here so I can enjoy a margarita outside. :)

This weekend we had a n-i-n-e hour birthing class at the hospital where we will be delivering. It was a very long day, but well worth the time (and thank God for that... because nine hours long would be pretty awful if we were watching the clock tick by the whole time).

At the end of the class we had a hospital tour and it was so exciting to actually see where we will go to check in, where we will be delivering, what to bring, etc. Things are getting real, and will be here before we know it! Less than seven weeks to go!

After church on Sunday John took his kayak out for a little float trip on the Guadalupe river. Although it isn't trout season yet, it was a beautiful day to be out on the water and catch some little pan fish!

And while he was fishing, I was doing my first load of baby laundry! 

And oh my goodness... baby laundry smells so good. I'm still trying to figure out how to best organize everything (hang, fold, etc... any tips?!). Until I can figure out how to organize everything, I will just enjoy washing (and smelling!) all of his cute new clothes. :)


  1. I'm with you on the pumpkin spice anything. I much prefer my peppermint hot chocolate... but way too hot for that right now. ;) nine hour birthing class?!?! That sounds... like a lot!! Exciting that he will be here soon though!!

  2. I never liked PSLs either...that is, until I tried it iced-yum!

  3. Oh my goshhhh all the tiny baby clothes!!!! I die! Have you gotten a stroller yet? I'm so torn on which to get because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. So I'm asking all the new moms I know :)

  4. You totally just reminded me that I need to start washing all the baby clothes! Yay for hospital tours and cooler weather. I'm not a big fan of PSL's either, and like you prefer the Christmas-y drinks - YUM! Cheers to our future margaritas outside in the cooler weather in the coming weeks <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. aww hooray for baby clothes! :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Yay for being in the home stretch until Baby Pray gets here and you can enjoy margs on the patio! I bet baby clothes have got to be such a great smell!! Yikes 9 hours sounds like a long time, but glad it went by quick and you got a nice hospital tour after!

  7. Oh my goodness you're certainly glowing! My Husband and I will be moving to the Dallas area in October! Any tips or ideas on subdivisions?

  8. Oh girl, I teach prepared childbirth classes, I could've just sent you my powerpoint. ;) But I am with you- I don't like the PSL...I like pumpkin pie and pumpkin smells but nothing else pumpkin! And you look great!

  9. Oh my - baby laundry!! That's so exciting (and so real)! That 9 hour birthing class sounds super long but probably really informative

  10. Baby clothes are the BEST laundry you'll ever do!! It's all just so exciting this close to the end! Hang in there with the heat!

  11. Aren't baby clothes the cutest!!! :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  12. Oh my goodness, is that your THEATRE?! It's so amazing! Haha! I've never tried a PSL so I can't say if I like it or not...but I'm all for cold beverages! My go-to (year round) is the vanilla bean frap w/ 2 pumps of peppermint!! SO good. Especially in the Winter! Looks like you've been a busy bee. So excited for the arrival of baby Pray!


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