Monday, November 14, 2016

Life Lately!

As I'm sure you can imagine, life lately has been quite busy trying to settle into a new normal with a newborn! My to-do list is over flowing, but it's all just going to have to wait because I have a sweet baby that needs to be cuddled. :)

Here's a peek into what life has been like over the past few weeks!


Jack was born! You can read more about his birth here.

Welcome to the world, Jack... we think you are the best thing ever!

We brought the babe home and gave him a tour of his new digs - he approved. :)

My mom flew in from Minneapolis to stay with us for the week - and it was amazing! To say we were thankful for her being there would be a huge understatement. How about eternally grateful? 

She was incredibly helpful and made sure we were well fed (with leftovers!), rocked Jack for many hours during the day (and night!), and provided lots of very valuable advice... John, Jack, and I were sure sad to see her leave!

For the first week after Jack was born he had a doctor's appointment or some sort of lab work every single day but one; so there was a lot of waiting room time! Thankfully, he slept through most of it, but the poor guy was totally over getting his heel pricked.

John and I took Jack and the pups to the park! 

John ran the dogs to get out all of the pent up energy, and I (attempted to) walk-off all of the Halloween candy I had been eating. ;)

We practiced our swaddling - which, by the way, Jack does not enjoy... the only way he will tolerate being swaddled is if his arms are out. If you swaddle with his arms in he fights it the whole time until he can finally get them out - or he screams until you take them out for him. :)

Lily took an immediate liking to her new little brother. For the first few days she would just follow us around and watch him - it was pretty sweet and a little unexpected! I thought for sure that Scout would be the one that was more interested.

We tried to find a pacifier that Jack would take, but we still haven't found one yet! He will suck on the MAM for a little bit, but really doesn't seem to enjoy it too much. 

I'm sure he will be more interested when he gets a bit older, but I wish he had something (other than me!) to suck on in the middle of the night... Any advice, mamas?

The first week had lots of day time sleeping! 

He is getting more and more alert every day and will now spend a few hours just looking around. It's so sweet when he is alert and he makes the most ridiculous faces like he is solving the world's problems (and God knows there are a lot to solve...).

And lots of nighttime cuddles. :)

I enjoy all of the nighttime cuddles until about 6AM... at which point I just wish he would go to sleep and stay asleep for more than 2 hours - all in time, I suppose, but boy, I'm t.i.r.e.d. It's a good thing he's so chubby and easy to snuggle.

We ventured out for Mexican food and margaritas. 

Jack slept the whole time, but I know once he is older and has his first taste of queso, he will find the whole experience much more exciting. Queso is always a game changer, if you ask me. :)

Jacker-cracker and his grandma!

His expressions... so stinkin' cute and silly! 

We call Jack our tiny pterodactyl because he makes the funniest dinosaur noises and will move his arms like little dino hands - and he has a strong preference for wearing anything with dinosaurs on it! ;)

Scout was quite unsure of Jack when we first brought him home... I'm pretty sure she thought Jack was noisy and a little disruptive to her puppy environment. ;) Thankfully she is warming up nicely now.

I took the babe shopping at Hobby Lobby to teach him about all this Christmas and baby Jesus! He was the perfect shopping buddy.

Scout has just recently started investigating the little babe. She never gets close enough to touch Jack, but does make sure she gets a good look every now and then.

My cutest accessory! Jack still isn't quite sure what he thinks of the Boba wrap - I love it, but I will say, I can't quite tell if he is comfortable in there. I feel like he is a little munched up in there... but then again, he did live for 10 months in my stomach, so you would think he'd be used to it!

Any wrap tips that I should know about?!

I think Jack is fitting in quite nicely to our family, don't you? ;)

A little wine and baby cuddles... it doesn't get a whole lot better! And those baby socks - he loves wearing socks (just like his dad)... it is kind of heart melting, if you ask me! :)


  1. You guys make pretty babies, girl! He is so handsome! (And I've seen a lot of babies in my day so I can say that for fact!) As far as the paci thing goes, if you've tried them, he just may not be a paci guy. Which is probably a good thing in the long run, but it definitely sucks right now. And as cliche and unhelpful as it is, "this too shall pass" :) Once my babies were old enough to take a bottle (we started around 4 weeks old), I would pump and David would feed baby a bottle in the middle of the night. So something like that might get you a couple more hours of sleep! Hang in there, friend. It's tough, but so worth it. <3

  2. Jack is adorable! Way to teach him all the ropes already! :) My son hated being swaddled unless his arms were out too. These kids know what they want right from the start. I finally gave up on the swaddle and let him do his own thing. We were all happier, but they're so cute swaddled! Eh, he didn't like pacifiers either, but he did discover his fingers after a few weeks, and that was a game changer. Until then, it was all me. Oh well. Just enjoy those cuddles. :)

  3. What a cutie! Emerson never liked the paci so we stopped pushing it -- she eventually learned to self soothe. We LOVED the boba wrap.

  4. Owen loves the NUK brand of pacifiers - but never liked the smaller ages. He takes a 6-18 month size and has since he was a newborn. I think he liked them then because they didn't fall out as easily and now (at 11 months), it is all he knows.

  5. My favorite post I've read all week!!! LOVEEEE this so much!!!

    I think he looks happy and snug in that wrap. The more you do it the more you'll find how tight/loose you like to have it wrapped and you'll get more comfortable adjusting it if you need to. I super miss my baby wrap days! :)

  6. Love this post =) And the preference for wearing socks like dad! Cuteness.

  7. I cannot get enough Jack pictures, his faces are so cute! I'm so happy to hear that y'all are adjusting well to having a new babe and the pups are accepting of him! Hoping he gets better at sleeping for longer stretches girl!

  8. Your little family is adorable!! That "jack" blanket is the cutest thing ever - it would make sure a perfect gift! I hope y'all have a great week :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  9. These pictures just melt my heart and make me want to get pregnant ASAP lol So so glad things are going well and everyone is adjusting!!

  10. Motherhood looks SO good on you friend!! Jack looks just like John to me. He is absolutely precious!

  11. Little Jack is so perfect! Oh, how I love his swaddle blanket, but even more love that his little arms want to be free!! Soak in that newborn baby smell!!

  12. All the squishy baby faces are my favorite! Congratulations! And definitely put off that to do list, the snuggles are just too worth it :)

  13. My goodness he is so squishy and ADORABLE. I love it! You three, plus the pups, make one adorable family! I'm so impressed w/ you being out and about, I feel like I'll never leave my home w/ a newborn, haha!

  14. He looks like a baby doll in his carrier! Enjoy every second of that sweet baby!


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