Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY Doubled Sided Placemat Pillows!

I absolutely love seasonal throw pillows, but the truth is, I sometimes find it hard to shell out $30 or more for a pillow that will only be used for a month or two of the year! BUT, if you remove the price factor, you best believe I would be all over them.

Well get this: double sided placemats make for the best DIY throw pillows, and they are a fraction of the cost - as in, only $4 from Target - how can you beat that?! 

They are incredibly easy to make (if you can hand stitch, you can make 'em), take no time at all (I'm talking 30 minutes for two pillows), and are so stinkin' cute (how amazing are those tassels on the ends?!).

What you need:
- Double sided placemats
- Pillow stuffing
- A seam ripper
- Needle
- Thread

Start by using the seam ripper and rip the seam in between the two sides of the placemat, making a hole just big enough to shove the pillow stuffing in.

Next, stuff the pillow full with the pillow stuffing... make sure you get it pushed into the corners of the pillow too!

After you get the stuffing distributed within the pillow use your needle and thread to hand stitch the seam closed. I made my hole in the bottom corner of the pillow so that I wouldn't have to worry about the stitching being perfect.

Once the pillow is sewn closed, trim the thread, and ta-da... your pillow is complete!

How easy is that?! 

These throw pillows are great for guest bedrooms or in your family or living room. To be honest, I had to exercise some serious restraint not to make 10 of them... Target has too many cute options to pick from and at only $4 per placemat, they are totally affordable!

These were so easy, quick, and inexpensive to make that I plan to make them for all holidays!


  1. STOP. Game changer. Wish I had known this yesterday when I went to Target--TWICE. These are so cute!!

  2. Girl....this is GENIUS!!! Oh my gosh, I think I could actually pull off this craft, too! Love!!

  3. What a fun and simple idea!! I think I could actually do this. Beautifully Candid

  4. Um, yes, definitely heading to Target during lunch today to hunt down these placemats! What a cute, easy idea to make fun pillows. Love them!

  5. These are soo cute! I can't sew at all, but my mom recently retired and is always looking for new projects so I might send this her way :)

  6. This is THE BEST idea!! I love how they already had tassels on them. I think even I could handle this sewing project :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. This is genius seriously!!! I can't sew, but I can suture up skin lacerations so maybe I can learn haha

  8. This is so genius!!! I'm definitely going to have to do this!

  9. Shut up! This is such an amazing and creative...AND MUCH CHEAPER idea!! Love this.

  10. Such a great idea!! I need to pick up some clearance placemats so I can make some for next year!


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