Monday, December 5, 2016


With the holidays in full swing, John and I have been quite busy taking care of Jack and soaking up all things Christmas... movies, decorations, and even fires in our fireplace - I love this time of year and am having fun slowing things down and taking it all in!!

Here's a quick peek of what we've been up to via iPhone photos.


Baby toes are beyond cute, but baby feet with socks are pretty swoon worthy too... and not surprisingly, Jack very much loves wearing socks - just like his dad!

Jack and I go for a few walks each day around our neighborhood, and we always seem to be walking as the sun sets (it's the easiest way to get through Jack's witching hour while waiting for John to get home from work!)... and I am a shameless sunset picture taker!

As an early Christmas gift I gave John a Big Green Egg. It makes the most delicious food, and although we've only owned it for a couple weeks, we have used it several time. We smoked brats, a turkey, and brisket, seared steaks and grilled burgers... all have been delicious!

I always get so excited driving in and out of our subdivision seeing all of the Christmas decorations. They do such a nice job for Christmas and always have everything up a few days before Thanksgiving... and I am totally okay with that - anything to extend the season a bit longer!

My mom and dad flew to Texas for Thanksgiving and it was so nice to have family in town. Jack certainly loved the extra snuggles and I appreciated the extra hands helping around the house.

John and I have quite a bit of landscaping in front of our home, and although I know nothing about plants, I love to pretend that I have a green thumb... And I'm not going to lie, I was pretty jazzed when my rose bush started to bloom a few weeks ago!

Jacker Cracker and his grandpa hanging out on Thanksgiving Day! ...And of course, Jack is rockin' his socks!

I made sure to gift John the Big Green Egg in time for Thanksgiving so that we could smoke a turkey. It was so delicious... we will certainly be making this an annual tradition!

Jack has been working on his tummy time... we are making slow but steady progress. Sometimes he screams, other times he falls asleep, and every once in a while he actually lifts his head to look around! The boy has some chubby cheeks, so he has to make sure his neck muscles can accommodate. ;)

Jack rockin' his Michigan gear for the Michigan vs. Ohio State football game... he's the cutest fan I've every seen! I mean really, that grumpy face and those cheeks - I just love that boy. And of course, he's wearin' his socks!

When my parents were visiting we made several trips to Bahama Bucks for some shaved ice. They always have fun games to play, and we participated in a competitive game of apples to apples!

Jack recently got to meet his new friend Kaylin! Kaylin is only two weeks younger than Jack, and it was so fun seeing the two of them together even though they both basically slept the whole time. Seeing Kaylin made me realize just how much Jack has grown, and it made me a bit teary - he is growing too fast!

Anddddd face plant! No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo. ;P

John has been working on getting Lily gun broke so he recently took Scout and Lily to Austin to work her on some birds and shooting over her. They love to run and hunt, and we hope to get them out on some wild birds several times this season.

Last Friday Kelli came over for lunch and it was so much fun introducing her to Jack (who slept the whole time...) and catching up on what we both had been up to. I'm hoping we can make this a more regular thing!


  1. Seriously, you have the best gene pool. Your mom is gorgeous. Also, I still love Jack's cheeks. Hope things are settling down for you! :)

  2. Those socks are the cutest ever!! It looks like you've had a fantastic couple of weeks. Using the Big Green Egg for Thanksgiving is GENIUS!! A few of our friends here have them, and you're right - the food that they make is amazing! Have a great week!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. I can't get over Jack's cheeks! So chubby! Looks like you had a great visit with your family!

  4. Oh my him and those socks, just so cute! I cannot get over how chubby his cheeks are, I would just be kissing on them all day long! Glad your parents were able to hang out with you guys!

  5. Ahhhh Kelli!!! So glad you girls got to get together!

    Jack might just be my favorite baby. Adore him!!! And I love watching your parents with him. SO sweet! :)

  6. Y'all have been up to some fun stuff! I love Jack's grumpy face and socks! Your entrance to your neighborhood is so pretty and congrats on your rose bush blooming - that's a hard one! Hope y'all are having fun enjoying Jack's first Christmas season!!

  7. Oh my goodness, those cheeks and perfect little lips are too much! I love following along with you guys, since my little lady is just a week or so behind Jack!

  8. Those cheeks... how do you not just kiss them all day every day?!! I really want to get Garrett a green egg, he would die!

  9. So much great happenings! I never heard of that green egg grill thing! How neat!

  10. I LOVED coming over and I hope that we can make it a more regular thing too! Jack is just the sweetest and I loved holding him :) I need to work on my muscles though! I'm glad you like the big green egg! We may get one someday since Kevin is doing so well with the cheap one we got. Your mom seriously looks so young and beautiful. You have great genes - both inside and out from what I know of her :)

  11. Those cheeks!!! So adorable! We did a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving too and there is most definitely no going back!

  12. Haha I'll add to the rest of the comments -- your mom looks so young! :) Also, thanks for the idea of going for a walk during the evening fussy time! I used to take Ada on walks around that time, but she'd always fall asleep when I didn't want her to (I'm trying to do babywise scheduling), but now her schedule has changed a bit so that actually might work well! Haha :) Love Jack's giant cheeks!

  13. What a great way to spend the holiday season! Your parents look so young- you and your mom could be sisters! Jack is just the cutest little guy <3


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