Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jack: Two Month Update

Our sweet Jack is two months old. He is large, in charge, and as sweet as can be! Here's an update of his second month of life.

Jack turned two months old on Christmas day!

At his 2-month well-visit, Jack weighed 15lbs 4oz and was 23.5 inches long. He is in the 95% for weight, 70% for length, and 70% for head circumference.

 John was able to join at Jack's well-visit, and I was so thankful... the poor boy was so upset when he got his vaccinations - it broke my momma heart listening to him scream!

Jack is exclusively breastfed and continues to nurse and gain weight like a champ!

Since his birth I've had mastitis three different times (which has been horrendous) and after several doctor visits, urgent care and lactation trips, it has been determined that I have an oversupply of milk. Since finding this out, I pump 1-2oz of milk before feeding him, and he is much less gassy and fussy as a result (the oversupply of foremilk that I pump out is high in lactose sugar and makes his belly upset if he gets too much... he will literally projectile vomit it all out about 15 minutes after eating!). Now that he is getting the correct amount of foremilk (which is mostly for hydration), he is also getting more of the fatty hindmilk which is keeping him full for longer.

Pumping isn't ideal (since it doesn't fix the actual oversupply issue), but it is a good temporary solution until I can get the mastitis under control to try and adjust my milk supply more permanently. In the meantime, the pumping is totally worth it if it is keeping that sweet baby less fussy and full for longer.

I am shocked at how much progress we have made in the sleep category - praise God! Ever since finding out about my oversupply of foremilk and working to get him more hindmilk to keep him full, he has been sleeping so much better.

Jack typically goes to bed for the night between 9:30-10:30PM and then sleeps until 6-6:30AM. He generally wakes up to feed once around 3:30-4AM, and then goes right back to sleep, but one time he even slept from 10PM-6AM without waking up at all... so we are making very good progress!

We are still working on daytime sleep and naps, but slowly and surely we are making progress here too. He is not very good at putting himself to sleep during the day, so most of his naps are him nursing, falling asleep, and then me putting him down for a nap. I know you shouldn't nurse to get them to go to sleep, but hey, that's what works for us right now... and there is something to be said for doing what works even if it isn't completely "correct." We will "fix" this pattern to the traditional sleep-eat-play-sleep-eat-play once we are in more of a groove.

A few weeks ago I went through Jack's dresser and packed up about 75% of the clothes because they no longer fit him! It was becoming tough finding clothes for him to wear because he had outgrown everything that was out in his dresser.  He has grown out of 0-3 month, and is wearing 3-6 month and some 6-9 month clothes... he's only 2 months! He needs to slow down on growing!

Jack is also very comfortably wearing size two diapers. I feel like he transitioned in and out of size one diapers in only a few weeks. He will be wearing size 3 (which starts at 16lbs) before I know it!

I feel great, and for the most part, physically back to normal! I've still got baby weight to loose, but honestly, it doesn't hugely bother me - it is coming off on its own (yay for nursing!) and I know that when I actually start trying to lose weight it it won't take me any time at all.

John has been wonderful... we went through a super tough week because I was recovering from mastitis and feeling pretty terrible with a high fever, and John also had a high fever from a completely blocked sinus infection. He slept upstairs in our guest bedroom for  few days to make sure Jack didn't get sick, but as soon as he started feeling better he took over and was so helpful when I was recovering.

We did have a funny "oops" on Christmas day when John was changing Jack's diaper and threw away the dirty diaper, but forgot to put a clean one on! He zipped Jack up in his onesie and handed him off for me to feed him. I fed him and while burping him I thought that Jack had spit up all over me, but it turns out that he peed and didn't have a diaper on. I'm pretty sure we laughed for a good few hours over it! Needless to say, Jack's Christmas outfit didn't last very long. :)

Scout and Lily
Slowly but surely Scout and Lily are getting reincorporated into the family. Since Jack was born, the pups have been spending more time outside in our yard to keep them busy (we have a large yard that is fenced, so they are certainly not neglected... not to mention we live in Texas and it has been 70 degrees lately - so they certainly aren't roughin' it).

The dogs love Jack and enjoy giving him kisses; we don't mind the kisses, but we don't want them kissing his face or hands... other than that, Jack is fair game. They still have baby toy vs. dog toy confusion, but we are working on it... and Lily totally ate a whole nursing pad... so gross.

They especially love hangin' with Jack when he spends time his play mat!

Favorite moments
There have been so many favorite moments this month. Jack has started smiling and cooing more and more... he really makes me work for those smiles, but when I get one out of him it is heart melting and cute as can be.

Also, Jack's first Christmas was very special. He had no idea what was going on and they day was not any more out of the ordinary, but it made me very excited to keep building memories with him. We weren't going to get him any gifts, but of course we caved and got that cute boy some presents to open (even though we opened them all... which felt a bit silly considering we wrapped them only the day before!).

John and I also had our first date night out and left Jack with the sitter. I was a bit nervous for the sitter (not Jack...) since Jack can be tough to get to go to sleep, but the sitter was absolutely amazing - she did awesome! It was great being able to have a night out with John just the two of us. I loved coming home refreshed and ready to snuggle my baby (even though I was completely exhausted the next day from the late night...).

Looking forward to
I am so looking forward to more baby cooing and smiles! I've noticed that he is much more chatty and expressive when he isn't tired, so I'm sure that his babbles and smiles will increase a lot when he isn't so tired during the day.

Also, John will be out of town for the Orange Bowl this weekend, so I treated myself to a night time post-partum doula. We hired the post-partum doula on a day when both John and I weren't feeling well, and it was so nice to have an extra set of hands. Basically they bring they baby to you when they need to eat, but other than that they take care of everything: burping, changing diapers, soothing, laying down to sleep, washing bottles, light housework, etc. Since we don't have family near by this type of help is so appreciated and such a treat!

To do
I really want to work on transitioning Jack into his own room. I have trouble falling asleep in the same room as Jack until I know for sure that he is sleeping and won't need me to get up again. I know you aren't supposed to transition them out of your room until 6 months, but I really don't think it is that big of a deal if I have a camera and voice monitor to hear if he cries.

I don't think he will have any issues making the transition, but we will see!

We love you, Jack (and all of your silly faces that you make)!


  1. LOL Jack looks unimpressed with John at the doctor's office. Too funny about forgetting to re-diaper him. I'm impressed it lasted that long... or is it just me that immediately always gets peed on? haha

  2. I love these updates! He is growing sooo fast and you're doing an amazing job!

  3. Happy 2 months, Jack!! He is just so stinking adorable - I could eat him up! So glad things are still going so well! That's crazy about your milk production - I have no clue that could happen!

  4. Oh my he sure is a chunky monkey! All those precious baby rolls!!! Glad you will have an extra hand to help when John is out of town!

  5. Such a sweet update! I hope you enjoy the extra hands and maybe some rest! xx, I'm Fixin' To


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