Monday, January 30, 2017

January Recap!

It has been an extremely busy 2017, and to be honest, I'm not even quite sure what we've been so busy with... just all things life, I guess! Here's a quick peek at all that we've been up to this month.


John got a Big Green Egg for Christmas, and he has been a meat smoking and grilling machine ever since - steaks, chicken, burgers, turkey, pulled pork... and brisket! He kicked off the year smoking a 13lb brisket, and it was quite tasty. He started it at 10:30PM, slept on the couch and smoked it all night, and then it was finally ready to eat around noon the next day - a delicious labor of love!

Our little cracker Jack is growing like a weed, and if I'm not careful, he grows out of all of his cute clothes before he gets a chance to wear them. Because of this, I had to make sure that he got in a few good wears of his dinosaur Purl Lamb sweatshirt before outgrowing it... thanks auntie Kristine! His little neck and chubby cheeks in that hoodie just kill me!

John went wild quail hunting with Scout and Lily, and they had such a great time... the weather was perfect (a bit chilly) and the terrain wasn't too thick for them to navigate. They didn't get any birds this time, but the dogs sure had a good time running around and looking for them.

This boy and his socks... I am convinced that he is so much happier wearing them! Who needs pants when you can wear knee-high socks?!

John started the year in Miami at the Orange Bowl. It was a perfect bowl game for him to go to because he went to Florida State for undergrad and Michigan for law school... and it just so happened that the two teams were playing each other - so it was a must go! He met my family down there for the game while I stayed home with Jack; the thought of traveling for only a football game just seemed a bit too much with a 2 month old!

When in Miami for the bowl game, John made a pitstop at the beach, which made my ocean lovin' heart very jealous!

It's not often that our kitty and dogs coexist peacefully, so I had to capture the moment. :)

I have been going on lots of walks with mommy friends and their babies! Jack absolutely loves baby Blake, and since they are only a week apart, it is fun to have mommy-talk about all things baby and milestones.

John and I had our second date night this month for a work event at his firm. We left Jack with our sweet friends from our church life group. They have a baby that is 5 weeks younger than Jack, so it was nice leaving him with someone who wouldn't be scared off by a little baby chaos!

Once a week we send Lily and Scout to a puppy day camp to play and run out all of their extra energy, and John sent me this photo of them on their drive there... team work!

Jack and I decided to visit John at work to try and sneak in a quick lunch date with him. It was Jack's first time to John's office, and it was fun to show him off to all of his coworkers.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful... I'm talking mid-70s! Not much for "winter" weather, but it definitely makes for beautiful weekend walks. The dogs love it, Jack loves it, and we enjoy getting out too!

For my 29th birthday John and I got a sitter for Jack and headed out for dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. Let me tell you, I will never again take for granted an uninterrupted meal... it was SO nice to have a dinner just the two of us and catch up without having to run around trying to put Jack to bed for the night!

The food was delicious, and I ate far too much... it was so good, in fact, that I am in the process of convincing John that he needs to come here for his birthday too!

And let's be real, the dessert was delicious too!

John was so sweet and declared the whole week of my birthday my "birthday week"... so we did all sorts of fun things including some shopping and lunch at Bird Bakery. They have the best egg salad sandwich (my favorite!) and incredibly dense and delicious cup cakes!

John and Jack have started reading before bedtime and it is probably the cutest thing ever... it melts my momma heart, and now that Jack is getting older he is able to sit and be semi-interested in the whole thing.

Dinner at MOD Pizza... it was our first time there and it was so tasty - John demanded we return there the next day for dinner (and I happily obliged).

The cutest baby there ever was! John bought Jack the cutest baby Patagonia hat for Christmas, but it is too big for him, so we have to fold up the front. I absolutely of love it on him (even more so because John ordered it for him on his own), so I make him wear it every time it is even the least bit chilly out! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Jack: Three Month Update

I can hardly believe that our sweet cracker Jack is three months old already! Time is flying, and he is growing every day... my little baby has turned into a big baby!


Jack turned three months old yesterday, on January 25th (which was my 29th birthday!).


Jack weighs a little more than 16 pounds. His weight gain has slowed quite a bit now that he is sleeping through the night (he has only gained about 1lb from last month). I was a little concerned since he wasn't gaining at his normal weight, but his pediatrician said it was nothing to be concerned about and he is just rounding out a bit.

Jack has almost outgrown size two diapers. We will finish the box we are on and then move on to size three!


Nursing is still going very well - other than a fourth round of mastitis... yuck! Jack eats about 6 times per day which is enough to get him through the night about 90% of the time. I don't love nursing like some mommas do, but I am so very thankful that I have never had to worry or question whether he is getting enough to eat.

I have gotten into a groove with nursing and pumping and have quite the stash of milk in the freezer; in fact, if I'm going to be honest, it is a little bit out of control! I have so much and it will probably never get used since he only gets a few bottles a week. I am going to look into donating it, so that it doesn't get thrown out... otherwise we would need to buy a new freezer!


Sleeeeeep! OH my goodness - something just clicked in this little boy's brain at week 9 and he has been sleeping through the night since then. I don't know exactly what happened, but it is so amazing that I have become extremely strict about keeping his night time routine so nothing gets messed up.

I typically feed him for the last time between 7-8PM and lay him down for the night between 8-8:30PM... and he sleeps until 6AM - not too shabby, huh?! Not only do I love the sleep, but I also love the fact that his bedtime affords John and I the opportunity to have an hour or two alone at night before we go to bed. It's a nice way to recharge and feel like normal people.

He has been sleeping so well, in fact, that my brain can hardly believe it. After putting him to bed, even though he is asleep I feel like I still hear him crying! This phantom cry is going to drive to me to the crazy house... the "crying" always ends up being our refrigerator whining, but I still can't quite get his crying out of my head.

Not only is he sleeping through the night, but we are following the proper eat-play-sleep cycle (meaning I am not nursing him to get him to go to sleep), and I lay him down awake and he falls asleep on his own. Truly, this was all such a struggle until one day - bam! - and it all fell into place.

We recently got a video monitor, and it is so funny watching him on the camera after we lay him down. He hangs out in his bassinet and kicks around his legs and moves his arms for an hour or so until he eventually gets tired and falls asleep... silly guy!

We are still working on his day time naps. He takes a good nap (1-2 hours) in the morning, but anything after 11AM he has trouble sleeping for more than 30-45 minutes. He needs to connect his sleep cycles to start sleeping longer, but I am sure he will figure it out eventually. In the mean time, I have nothing to complain about!


Jack is quickly growing out of 3-6 month clothes and has moved on to 6-9 month. I keep him in onesies most of the day since he spits up so often, and we are constantly changing his diaper. The poor kid doesn't wear pants anywhere... I throw a swaddle over him and call it good! He doesn't seem to mind, because after all, who likes pants anyway?!


Jack loves bath time and it warms my momma heart seeing him splash wildly in the tub. It is so sweet, and I am looking forward to him being able to sit up on his own so he can actually sit in the tub!

Cracker Jack also loves to suck on his hands. He isn't teething yet, but he is certainly exploring the world with his little mouth. It's the sweetest thing to see him hold on to things (his bunny or a blanket) and then start to suck on it... I'm sure no one else thinks it's cute, but I find it pretty sweet!


Jack just about loses it if you strap him tight into his car seat... I'm telling you, he-loses-it!! Once we get him in the car, he will calm down after 5-10 minutes, but you better move quickly because the only thing he hates more than being strapped in his car seat is sitting at red lights... no bueno - the car must be moving... fast!

Jack also has started really disliking laying down horizontally. If he is laying down or in a reclined seat, he will strain to try and sit himself up - he is ready to see and explore the world! We have put him in his jumper a few times and although he is still a bit too small for it, he really loved looking around with a different view. Tummy time is still not a favorite, but we are practicing daily and the better he gets, the more he tolerates it... he's got some big cheeks to lift!!


Seeing Jack and John together is one of my favorite things... Jack smiles and giggles at me, but I have to work for it. John, on the other hand, gets smiles and giggles just about every time he looks at Jack! Jack loves John very much, and it is so sweet to see.

John and I also headed out for our second date night this past month. John's firm had a table at the local chamber of commerce gala, and we were able to leave cracker Jack with our sweet friends from church who have a little baby who is about 5 weeks younger than Jack. It's so fun to see them together, and we've decided we are going to do monthly date night swaps!

Scout and Lily

Ohhh, Scout and Lily - these two turkeys love Jack... and his toys! They are lucky that Jack is such a great sharer already!

Favorite moments

So many favorite moments this past month... Jack is all about those smiles and has started giggling - I absolutely love it! When he smiles you can keep him going and he will eventually start to giggle.

He is also using his hands more and more intentionally. He holds on to blankets and reaches for us... it melts my heart, and no one will ever be able to convince me that it is on accident - that boy wants to hold my hand! :) His head control is improving and it is absolutely the cutest when we get a peek of his little neck.

Looking forward to

Jack and I have been going on lots of walks and lunches with baby friends and their mommas. It's such a fun way to get outside, move around a bit, and enjoy the beautiful San Antonio winter... I'm looking forward to keeping this up and watching all of these babies grow up together!
Pregnancy Announcement

Three month photo outtakes...!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

JORD Wood Watches

John can be pretty difficult to buy gifts for. I really prefer not to buy him clothes since he can be particular on how he wants things to fit, and I don't buy him any hunting or fishing gear because I don't know enough about the sports to know what would actually be useful to him... But one thing I do know, is that he loves watches!

I have given John a watch as a gift on two different occasions, and as soon as I saw the JORD men's wood watches, I knew that they would make for the perfect addition to his collection. The wood design is so unique and unlike any other watch that he owns... and not surprisingly, he loved it! There were several watches that I loved, but I ended up going with the Conway Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy.

The great thing about this particular watch is that it can be dressed up or down... and John loves the face diameter - not too large and bulky, but still noticeable. It has clean and simple lines, and the unique color that comes from the use of natural materials makes it special without being too flashy.

This watch was the perfect gift because I knew he didn't have anything similar. And had I known about this before our 5th wedding anniversary this past summer, it would have made for the best traditional anniversary gift (wood!) - how fun is that?!

The best part?! They sell women's watches too!

It just so happens that JORD is hosting a giveaway for $100 toward one of their watches and everyone that enters gets a $25 gift code... so cross your fingers and go enter! All you have to do is enter your name and email - how easy is that?! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jack's Nursery

I've been meaning to share photos of Jack's nursery awhile now, but I keep falling into the whole trap of "I just need to hang one more thing on the wall", and I have finally come to the realization that I just don't have the motivation to hang anything else! 

Jack's room was a labor of love, and I am so thankful for the many, many hours that John and my dad put in to making it happen for me. It was important to me to have a room that I loved because I knew I would be spending so much time in there... and sure enough, I spend probably 75% of my day in there!

It's calm, relaxing, and neutral... and bringing home my sweet baby was the perfect final touch!

Board and Batten Paint | Benjamin Moore Pure White
Board and Batten Tutorial | Home Talk
Curtains | Ikea Lenda
Quilt, "Jack" Pillow & Crib Sheet | Marsha Rendel
Field Guide Prints | Etsy, Sweet Peas and Honey Bees
Feather Print | The Market Fergus Falls
Buffalo Print | Target
Lighting Fixture | Creative Co-Op
Table Lamp | Target
Diaper Pail | Ubbi
Changing Pad | Summer Infant
Swaddle Basket | West Elm
Laundry Hamper | West Elm

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2016!

2016 was such a special year for John and me with the welcoming of Jack into our family, and we are even more excited to see what 2017 has in store for us. 

John had a few days off of work around Christmas and New Year and it was so, so nice to have him home with Jack and me. It was great having the extra hands to help with the babe and make some tasty meals. In fact, I was even able to reorganize and put away all of our Christmas decor just in time for the new year, which was a total win! I feel like I'm starting 2017 with a clean slate - who doesn't love that?!

Here's a quick peek at our last few weeks of 2016!


Lots of afternoon naps made extra cozy with a fire... there is nothing better than a fire when it is a little chilly outside! But let's be real, this winter has been extremely warm (many days in the high 70s!), so there really wasn't anything too chilly about the end of 2016.

Lots of books and reading... Jack is a ferocious reader like his dad. ;)

And lots of trips to Target... This baby is a regular at Target and is well versed with the rules of self checkout. ;)

I was recently leaving Target and I made it to my car and took out Jack's carseat to put in my car, and I realized that I had some dried mangos left in my cart that I didn't pay for (not on purpose, obviously - they were hiding under his carseat!). I was not about to reload Jack into the cart and take him back into the store to pay for dried mangos that I really only put in the cart because I was bored, but I wasn't about to take it either - that would be stealing. So I left the dried fruit in the cart and returned the cart to the carousel... oh well, what's a first time mom to do?!

John took Scout and Lily hunting at a farm just north of Austin. Lily is still learning, but she is catching on quickly with the help of her big sister Scout!

We had "fall" in Texas for about 3 days... the leaves changed colors, fell, and now we have bare trees that will be budding within the next month or so. I enjoy seeing the trees change colors even if it is a pretty quick cycle! :)

This boy and his expressions absolutely kill me; he is so stinkin' sweet and silly... I wish I knew what this kid was thinking!

John and I had our first date-night-out to see Home Alone at the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra... and it was uhhh-mazing!!! Basically they show the movie on a large screen and the symphony plays all of the scores of the movie - it was such a blast and I want to go again sometime soon!

Although we missed our cracker Jack while we were out, it was so fun for John and me to have a night together, and return home to find him sound asleep - nothing better. :)

Every Christmas season needs a trip to the River Walk to see all of the lights and river boats.

Andddd a visit to the Alamo to see the large Christmas tree downtown (which strangely wasn't lit when we were there...?).

With the weather being so nice, we have had lots of fun walks around the neighborhood with this cutie! He loves walks... especially when John is pushing the stroller because John takes him "off roading." Aye, aye, aye, all I can think about is my stroller breaking as he is jumping curbs and pushing him all over rocks and ditches....

And sunset walks to end 2016... love this guy so much! 

Now here's to hoping that I can remember to write "2017" by the time February comes along...

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